BEWARE THE BATMAN Nominated for Daytime Emmy

Credit: Cartoon Network

Well, Beware the Batman may no longer be airing during the daytime, with the remaining episodes being burned off in the final hour of the Toonami block - at 3am on Sundays, but that didn’t stop it from earning a Daytime Emmy nomination.

Yes, Beware the Batman was nominated for Outstanding Children’s Animated Program, specifically for its second episode, “Secrets.” The episode introduced the villain Magpie, and aired in July as part of the now seemingly defunct DC Nation block. The block was designed to showcase two DC Comics-based shows in an hour, with original shorts showing in-between, often serialized. Currently, Cartoon Network only airs Teen Titans Go! from DC Entertainment, and has no new DC Comics-based shows on the schedule for 2014-2015.

The animated series, featuring a younger Batman (more in-line with the New 52 younger Batman in the comics), plus a more physical and intense Alfred and Katana as a sidekick in lieu of another Bat or a Robin, aired eleven episodes between mid-July and the first week of October. It was then pulled off the air with no comment or statement from Warner Bros Animation, DC Entertainment, or Cartoon Network - literally one week after toys supporting the show had been in McDonald’s Happy Meals.

After months of silence, and a March announcement of the 2014-2015 Cartoon Network schedule that showed no Beware the Batman (but Cartoon Network still wouldn’t comment on), last week the channel announced that they would finally air the last fifteen episodes of the series, starting in July (a year after it originally began), and airing at 3am on Sundays.

Often toy sales have been cited as problematic for DC Comics based shows - especially since they wind up competing with themselves with lines like DC Classics, Batman Black and White, and the standard DC Collectibles lineup that includes multiple Batman figures every month (and the video game based line, and the new Bruce Timm line, etc., etc.). Only one figure, of the Beware-style Batman, was officially released to retail in support of this series.

As mentioned many times before on this site, this is the third consecutive DC Comics-based show to be well-received by fans and critics, only to have an erratic airing schedule, be pulled without comment or statement, and eventually see cancellation. Green Lantern: The Animated Series had three Annie Awards nominations, and an 8.2 out of 10 average rating on IMDB. Young Justice actually won a Primetime Emmy, and was later nominated for a Daytime Emmy when it was moved to a morning slot (and has an 8.6/10 rating). Beware the Batman has also been nominated for the Annie Awards’ Best Animated TV category this year.

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