DC To Celebrate 'BATMAN DAY' on July 23 with Free DETECTIVE COMICS #27

Batman Day
Image from Chip Kidd's Batman: Death by Design
Credit: DC Comics

DC Comics has declared Wednesday July 23, 2014 “Batman Day” in recognition of the 75th anniversary of arguably the most popular character in comic books and one of the most popular pop culture figures of all time.

The centerpiece of the day will be a free edition of Detective Comics #27, that will be available at comic book retailers and book stores in the United States as well as for free download at www.readdcentertainment.com and all digital platforms like Kindle, iBookstore, Nook, and Google Play.

“As part of the festivities, fans who visit participating retailers receive a free, special edition of Detective Comics #27, featuring a reimagining of Batman’s 1939 comic book debut, designed by Chip Kidd with a script by The New York Times #1 bestselling author Brad Meltzer,” reads an announcement by DC.

In a follow-up DC Comics told Newsarama the special edition will be “similar to the original 1939 version, but with different interior designs illustrated by Kidd and a short story written by Meltzer. “

Asked how this story relates or not to the Meltzer-written reinterpretation of the original Detective #27 that was illustrated by Bryan Hitch as part of January’s Detective Comics Vol. #27, DC said they would clarify its contents closer to the release of the book.

Credit: DC Comics

In addition to the free comic book, DC is providing retailers access to other Batman collectibles, including a “Batman 75th anniversary cape” and four Batman masks designed by Ryan Sook spotlighting iconic interpretation of the character. These include:

- Detective Comics #27: Batman’s first appearance, as drawn by Bob Kane.
- Batman ’66: Inspired by the 60s TV series starring Adam West,
- The Dark Knight Returns: As drawn by Frank Miller.
- The New 52: As drawn by Greg Capullo.

Finally, the publisher announced they’ll be partnering with Random House to bring “Batman Day” to over 1,000 libraries across the U.S. on Saturday, July 26, but announced no other details.

Credit: DC Comics
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