GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Gets New Nebula Pic, Stan Lee Cameo After All

Karen Gillan as Nebula in Guardians of the Galaxy
Credit: Marvel Studios

Karen Gillan's Nebula may be a villain, but that isn't stopping those working from the movie from "falling in love" with the character. Director James Gunn posted this new image to his personal facebook page today, with the short and sweet note from the editor's box.

“High Res Nebula. Every dude in the editorial office is in love with her. And, yes, she's one hundred percent practical effects!”

The close-up and hi-res image gives a great look at the extensive makeup and some prosthetics added to make Nebula look alien and menacing.

In other Guardians of the Galaxy news, it turns out that while Stan Lee initially was not going to appear in the movie, he wound up filming a late cameo after all. The venerable writer and co-creator of many, many Marvel Comics characters made the announcement at C2E2, though he didn't hint at what capacity his cameo role would take.

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