Christopher Yost on X-Men: Origins Wolverine

Christopher Yost on Wolverine

X-Men Origins: Wolverine #1

2009 is Wolverine’s year. Marvel Comics’ most popular mutant is still the best he is at what he does: he’s got a motion picture, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, hitting theaters this summer; he’s an unofficial member of every team in the Marvel Universe; and he’s the life of the party every third Tuesday when the X-Men host “Fondue Night.”

In April, Wolverine is getting condensed; it sounds painful…but not really. Written by X-Force’s Chris Yost and drawn by Mark Texeira, X-Men Origins: Wolverine allows new readers a chance to check out Logan in all his prolific glory without the volumes and volumes of reading. Also, this project promises some new content for continuity buffs based on the day Wolverine chose to go with Professor X and join the X-Men!

Newsarama contacted Chris Yost to talk about X-Men Origins: Wolverine to get short, sweet and to the six adamantium points of this upcoming one-shot.

Newsarama: Chris, how is X-Men: Origins: Wolverine different from Wolverine's origin material from the past?

Chris Yost: It's only 30 pages!! All the other ones are really long. Between Barry Windor Smith's Weapon X, the Origins mini-series, and the current ongoing series Wolverine Origins, I can imagine where some people would be all like, 'Give me the 30 page version.' And Marvel listened!

This is the condensed version, giving some insight into his past from a very particular point of view... that of Professor Charles Xavier, on the day they first met.

NRAMA: Does this project tie directly into the new motion picture?

CY: In so much as they cover some of the same ground, yes. But where the movie has WW2 and wrestling matches, I have Heather Hudson. You just can't do that in a movie.

And of course, this is strictly the comics version of Wolverine. Short, and not pretty like Hugh Jackman.

NRAMA: What do you think is the single most important aspect of Logan's background? Does Weapon X define him? The X-Men?

CY: I think the man he became after he forgot who he was defined him. His natural inclination, all things being equal, was to be a man of honor. A hero. Someone who fights against the beast within. That's pretty telling.

NRAMA: You're working with Mark Texeira on this project as well? How much of the art have you seen so far?

CY: Enough to know that I'm a lucky freaking man. TEX!!!

NRAMA: What do you think is an overlooked aspect of Wolverine?

CY: I think a lot of people focus on 'The Best There is...' but not so much on '...isn't very pretty.' Because he's such a tough guy, it's easy to forget he's essentially an amnesiac, too. It's got to be horrible... not knowing who you are, or even your name. He lived like that for a long time.

NRAMA: Wolverine is getting a ton of attention this year--is something building up for this character in regular Marvel continuity?

CY: Wolverine's got his claws in a lot of pies. So I imagine that something somewhere is building up for him. In X-Force, for instance, he's going to be front and center in Messiah War.

NRAMA: Will there be new moments of Wolverine's past intertwined with classic Marvel lore?

CY: Yes. You'll get to see exactly what happened once Wolverine and Professor X left that office after Wolverine quit Department H. It isn't pretty.

NRAMA: Were you involved with the filming of X-Men Origins: Wolverine in any facility?

CY: Nope. But I was involved with the now available Hulk Vs. Wolverine DVD. Which has Wolverine's origin in it. So in a round about way, still no. But Hulk Vs Wolverine has more of Wolverine stabbing the Hulk in it than the Hugh Jackman movie will.

NRAMA: With all these new books, a new X-Men cartoon that centers on Wolverine, and a movie--do you think Wolverine is over-exposed as a character in the Marvel Universe or is he just that damn prolific?

CY: You forgot the DVD! And the video game! All I can say is that he's no Norman Osborn. That guy's everywhere.

NRAMA: Are there any real surprises left for the character? Or do you think there is still more unearthing to do?

CY: There's still massive gaps in his memory. He's live a long time. Done a lot of things. Are there still surprises? There can be. But I think that looking forward at the character is going to be a good bet right now. Between X-Force and New Avengers, Logan's going to have a wild ride in the coming year.

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