Sister Act: ANGELA, THOR & LOKI Plan a Family Reunion in THE TENTH REALM

Credit: Marvel Comics

Asgard, guess who’s coming to dinner?

As revealed at C2E2 Saturday in Marvel’s “Original Sin” panel, the former Image character Angela is being inducted into the royal family of Asgard as a sister to both Thor and Loki. In the upcoming five part series Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realm, Thor: God of Thunder writer Jason Aaron and Loki scribe Al Ewing are joined by artists Simon Bianchi and Loki’s Lee Garbett toreveal that one of the secrets revealed in the wake of the Watcher’s death in Original Sin is that Angela is a long-lost daughter of Odin, banished along with her whole realm – a previously unknown Tenth Realm – until her return last year in Age of Ultron. The series will be released with the over-arching title of Original Sin #5.1 through #5.5, but acts as a miniseries off-shoot of the main story.

The most obvious question in all of this is what do Thor and Loki think about their new sister, and one that the two of them apparently don’t take too lightly.

“They both view it with suspicion,“ Ewing tells Newsarama. “Thor doesn't know who his sister is - only we do - and due to some circumstances which I'll leave unspoiled, he and Angela are very likely to come to blows before they find out the truth. And maybe after as well. It won't be instant familial love and hugs. As for Loki's place in this - he's always been very aware of being the outsider, so Thor getting a new sibling might make him feel like he's being pushed out somewhat. It might lead to him questioning his role in Asgard, especially given what happens to him in his own book.”

As far as Angela’s opinion of the whole matter, Ewing says that joining the Asgardian royal family “is not everyone’s dream come true.”

“For Angela, it might be more of a curse than a blessing,” he elaborates, “ but the whys and wherefores of that I'll leave to people picking up the book to find out.”

In the shock of these new ties between Angela and Asgardian mythology in Marvel, it’s easy to overlook the second part of this shocking announcement – that the much-vaunted Nine Realms as depicted in Asgardian lore was once ten. This Tenth Realm that Angela hails from – and that Odin banishes when he cast Angela aside – will also be returning to the fore in the Marvel U, and Ewing says it’s an opportune place for fresh stories.

“Philosophically and culturally, it's very different to Asgard - it's got different dynamics and it's run on very different principles,” Ewing explains. “It's quite a hard and unforgiving place, driven by a somewhat alien - though maybe not as alien as we'd like - moral code, with a very strict class system in place. I think it'll end up as quite an interesting place for characters to interact with.”

Whereas some series co-starring two characters with their own titles might have a guest writer, Marvel was careful to draft the writers of both Thor’s ongoing and Loki’s – in this case, Aaron and Ewing – to keep the story truly in tune with their monthly adventures. And as Ewing tells Newsarama, it’s “easier than it looks.”

“I got a bunch of terrific plot beats from Jason to start with, and then I got to add my own jigsaw pieces and put it all together into something that's going to be a lot of fun for everyone to read,” says Ewing. “In terms of art - again, it's fairly simple, since there's a clear demarcation line between where Lee leaves off and where Simone takes over. It's kind of like the Wizard Of Oz, but with two different kinds of technicolor.”

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