C2E 2014: ORIGINAL SIN Explores Secret Origin of DAREDEVIL’s Mom

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Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

This summer, readers will finally learn why the Man Without Fear was a boy who grew up without a mom. Announced today at the Spider-Verse Panel of C2E2 in Chicago, Daredevil #6 and #7 will be a two-part tie-in to the summer event Original Sin, dwelling on the hereto unknown reason why Daredevil’s mother, Maggie, left him and his father and became a nun. Back in 1964 when he was first introduced, Daredevil (aka Matt Murdock) was known to have been raised solely by his father, boxer “Battlin’” Jack Murdock. Murdock never complained about the cards he was dealt, and his mother did occasionally weave her way in and out of his adult life, but she’s always been at arm’s length and her distance is the one case the long-time lawyer, crime-fighter and detective never solved.

“Thanks to the events of Original Sin, Matt learns something about his parents and their breakup that's always been a secret to him,” Waid tells Newsarama, “and what he learns wrecks him and turns his world upside-down.”

During his childhood, Murdock believed his mother to be dead. It was only as an adult that he learned his father lied about his mother’s departure, to protect him. Since then, Sister Maggie (as she’s known now) has appeared rarely and infrequently in comics – her last prominent role outside of flashbacks was in Kevin Smith and Joe Quesada’s Daredevil run back in 1999. And according to Waid, the current scribe of the Daredevil series, it one of those two creators who suggested to reveal Sister Maggie’s motivations in this tie-in.

Credit: Marvel Comics

“It was actually a suggestion by Joe Quesada, a good one,” reveals Waid. “A reveal about the Murdocks' past that's very surprising. And, frankly, very, very challenging to write.”

Although Waid has been writing Daredevil’s monthly (and sometimes bi-weekly) series since 2011, he hadn’t had an opportunity to feature Sister Maggie and this story proved opportune. For Waid, who’s well-known as a writer who researches his subjects thoroughly, he found a common tie between Maggie and her son despite her never being a substantial part of his life.

“One of the things Matt doesn't know about his mother--this isn't the revealed secret, but it's still a surprise--is just how active Sister Maggie is when it comes to achieving social justice,” explains Waid. “She's been arrested a few times previously for acts of civil disobedience when it comes to calling out injustice--but this time, she's in way, way over her head. Matt finds her in prison, framed for a crime--and since he's no longer licensed to practice in New York State, he's helpless as a lawyer. But not as Daredevil.”

Series colorist and rotating artist Javier Rodriguez has stepped up to draw this two-part story beginning in June’s Daredevil #6, and Waid describes his work as “stunning,” offering a “distinct feel” for both the modern day stories and the flashback sequences to Murdock’s youth. Waid promises that this story isn’t a mandate nor is it a cliché, but a chance to zero in on a fundamental building block of the man who became Daredevil.

“Trust me, this is a story,” says Waid. “And it has lasting repercussions for Daredevil.”

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