Marvel STAR-LORD Ongoing Series Confirmed, KITTY PRYDE In Supporting Cast

The Legendary Star-Lord
Credit: Marvel Comics

Another Marvel “classified” July 2014 solicitation has become unclassified.

The Legendary Star-Lord, starring Peter Quill, the leader of Marvel’s would-be new movie franchise Guardians of the Galaxy, is getting his own ongoing series starting that month, courtesy writer Sam Humphries and artist Paco Medina.

"He's a charming motherf--ker!" Humphries told MTV about the new solo series’ star. "He's a down-to-Earth individual. Everyone has a friend like Peter Quill. He's cocky, he's arrogant, but he's always got your back."

As to whether in the Marvel Universe Star-Lord is actually a “legend,” or if the title is just a shout-out to the ironic line in the movie’s first trailer, Humphries thinks the title of is “more than just a joke undercutting the hero,” according to MTV.

"Peter sees himself as a legend because he can fly fast, and shoot fast, and flirt fast," Humphries said, "But what really makes someone a legend are things buried in yourself that you didn't know you had."

The character will of course continue to appear in Brian Bendis’ Guardians series, and “a massive status quo change at the end of the current arc involving Peter's father will propel the character straight into his own book for the first time.”

Credit: Marvel Comics

"The situation with Peter and Jason is about to come to a head in the Guardians of the Galaxy book," Humphries told MTV. "Brian is taking Peter right up to the ledge, with a really interesting and compelling character decision for him. What happens to Peter and his father reverberates in his solo book."

Members of the Guardians will reportedly make appearances in the new title, and a new supporting cast will be added— including the surprising addition Kitty Pryde, though don’t expect here to be hanging in on space the way young Cyclops will in his new ongoing series.

Previously in Guardians, Quill and Pryde met, shared a kiss, and promised to stay in touch. According to MTV, Humphries will be making this “very strange, only possible in comics long-distance relationship” a prominent element of the new series.

"You can't get that more long distance than the Earth to the edge of the galaxy," Humphries said, laughing. "They have this two-way holographic phone, and get to know each other across the stars, and see where this leads them. There's this heat on both sides, but we're going to see how their personalities actually mesh."

Humphries went on to describe the tone of the series to be close to a Western or heist book, exploring the, "outer reaches of the universe from a ground-level perspective. It's about con jobs, chasing the gold, and settling old scores."

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