C2E2 2014: Marvel SPIDER-VERSE Panel - Confirmed Spideys, Daredevil News, More

Superior Spider-Man tease
Superior Spider-Man teaser image shown briefly at C2E2
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James Robinson, Joshua Hale Fialkov, Nick Lowe, Ramon Perez, Mark Waid, and Jordan D. White took the stage at C2E2 Saturday afternoon for the Spider-Verse panel, covering the Spider-Man family of comics that includes Fantastic Four and Daredevil under their current organization. A nearly full crowd came into the room as White, an editor and amateur musician, strummed on his ukulele into his microphone on the dais.

Credit: Marvel Comics

After Nick Lowe thanked fans for coming, White started strumming and singing the classic Spider-Man theme song, encouraging fans to sing and clap along. Thunderous applause followed while White pantomimed slamming his Uke onto the table. A fan that sang along was invited up to read Amazing Spider-Man #1 a week before its release.

The Amazing Spider-Man #1 was first in the slideshow, with much applause. Lowe praised Superior Spider-Man as a really special story, and says ASM #1 picks up directly after Superior #31, calling it "the start of something big." Black Cat and Electro are the main villains for the first five issues - Felicia Hardy is "not very happy" that her identity was revealed by Superior.

The second page of the book shows the spider that bit Peter Parker biting another person - a woman- on the foot before falling over and dying, introducing Silk "a major major spider-character in the book for a long time to come." There are backup stories, including a Black Cat story, a "Learning to Crawl" tease, and an Electro story.

Amazing Spider-Man #1.1-1.5 are stories that fit between the pages of Amazing Fantasy #15 and the original 1-5 of Spider-Man's first solo series. "We'll see things you've never seen like Uncle Ben's funeral. You'll meet Clash (shown in the cover to 1.3 here), a villain from his earliest days," Lowe said, "and you'll see him show up in the present day later." Perez is joined by colorist Ian Herring for the series, with covers by Alex Ross.

The digital-first Amazing Spider-Man: Who Am I? Infinite Comic was featured next. Writer Joshua Hale Fialkov said "it's a story that starts very simply. Spider-Man doesn't know who he is, where he is, and has no idea why he's robbing a bank.

"So if you woke up, wearing a costume, holding a gun in your hand and working over a bank with a bunch of thugs, what would you do?" All Peter knows at that moment is that "he's a guy in a leotard with superpowers."

Mark Waid's Thrillbent site is the "farm team for Infinite Comics," the writer joked, because artists from there are working on Marvel's digital comics now. He said that digital should be looked at like a different format.

Fialkov also confirmed that Iron Man guest stars in the series. The first four issues will be released all at once.

Peter David and Will Sliney launch Spider-Man 2099 in July, with the character stuck in the present-day Marvel Universe. Co-creator Rick Leonardi has drawn a new variant cover for the first issue. "This is a book that Dan Slott is really excited about, and he and Peter David will work very closely together. This is a sister-book to Amazing Spider-Man." There's also a backup story written by David, drawn by Sliney, in ASM #1 that leads into the series and features 2099 fighting hipsters.

Amazing Spider-Man: Family Business, written by James Robinson and Mark Waid with art by Gabrielle Dell'Otto and Werther Dell'Edera is a new OGN, currently at the top of the NY Times Bestseller list. Waid actually pulled Robinson into the series to help him craft the story because he thought his style would fit the spy elements of the story. It was Robinson's first time writing Spider-Man.

"This had real significance to me, because I had literally quit DC that day, and Mark called me later when I was thinking 'what the hell am I gonna do now?'" Robinson said. Waid quipped, "It's your karmic reward for quitting DC!"

The pair of writers really enjoyed working together on the story, and Robinson thanked Waid for the opportunity, and for helping him learn to be a better writer.

Daredevil: Road Warrior will see the infinite comic by Waid and Peter Krause, colored by Nolan Woodard go to print in a 48-page one-shot in July 2014.

Daredevil, the ongoing series by Waid and Chris Samnee, the writer said, is really as good as it is "all because of Chris." While Daredevil is trying to learn about San Francisco, he'll be faced down with The Owl, who is revealing new powers and abilities. #5 will also reveal "the strange death of Foggy Nelson," explaining why everyone thinks he's dead.

Daredevil #6-7 will tie-in to Original Sin, and we have all the details exclusively here . Matt Murdock learns about why his mother, now a nun named Sister Maggie left him and his father, and it turns "everything he knows upside down."

A couple of pages of Spider-Verse were shown - the pages will be in the Free Comic Book Day offering from Marvel next week. Spider-Man 1602 faces off against Morlun in the pages. Spider-Verse proper begins in November, and Olivier Coipel has already "turned in a bunch of issues," Lowe said. "It's the biggest, craziest story and involves every Spider-Man ever (that we're legally allowed to use)." Lowe teased that we'll see "bits of that leading up to November," too.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Fan Q&A was next.

Favorite version of Spider-Man outside of Peter Parker? Lowe: 90s Animation Spidey. Robinson: Ben Reilly. Fialkov: Peter Porker. Perez: Electric Company version (who Lowe confirmed will be in Spider-Verse!). Waid: Miles Morales.

Lowe said that while Marvel Comics has very little direct input for the Sony Pictures Spider-Man movies, he said he's loved what he's seen of ASM2. Cinematic Spider-Man cannot and won't appear in Spider-Verse.

Waid says he hopes to work with Marvel Studios on the new Daredevil TV show, but hasn't been asked to yet.

A fan specifically asked about Spider-Woman and Araña in Spider-Verse, with both confirmed. That might not be Peter Parker in the Iron Spidey costume in the Spider-Verse poster/covers.

70s TV show in Japan Spidey? "I believe so," said Nick Lowe - giant robot and all.

"You will see a Ben Reilly Spider-Man in Spider-Verse. Whether he's around or not after that is up in the air," Lowe teased.

Spider-Verse runs from Amazing Spider-Man #9-#14, but will also have tie-ins. It is not a separate mini-series though, for the main story, it's a storyline in the main title.

Ultimate FF #4 will feature a new Ultimate Spider-character, Fialkov said.

"We are nowhere near done seeing Anna-Maria. You will see her in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man #1, and she's not going anywhere. There's a very uncomfortable conversation coming up between Peter and her," Lowe said. "There are amazing plans for her as a character, too," he promised a fan of hers.

The OGN is in-continuity, Lowe clarified, and that means Peter's secret sister could show up in the pages of Amazing at some point.

Kaine as Scarlet Spider is in New Warriors, and there is "a lot of Kaine love coming up in Spider-Verse. He's a big part of the first issue, and a big part of that story. He has some key attributes to his Spider-Powers that have roots in Morlun's earlier stories," Lowe said.

Superior Spider-Man teaser image shown briefly at C2E2
Superior Spider-Man teaser image shown briefly at C2E2
Credit: Marvel

A teaser image of Superior Spider-Man was flashed on the screen, with the extra mechanical legs. Nick Lowe said, "Wait, what is that? Why is that up there?"

Any new incarnations of Spider-Man in Spider-Verse? "All kinds of them," Lowe said. Both Robinson and Fialkov volunteered to write a "Spider-Dog" series.

"Eddie Brock is a character we're thinking a lot about," Lowe said.

Fave Spidey villain? Green Goblin, Clash, Doc Ock, Mysterio, The Looter, Molten Man, and Waid said J. Jonah Jameson.

Flash-Venom "as we call him in the office" said Lowe, is out in space with the Guardians of the Galaxy for the foreseeable future.

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