C2E2 2014: MARVEL's ORIGINAL SIN Panel - Thor's Sister, Spidey Secrets, More

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Marvel Comics kicked off their Saturday at C2E2 2014 with a panel focused on their next event comics, Original Sin. The story started off with a zero issue by writer Mark Waid, who was on the panel alongside James Robinson and editors Mike Marts, Nick Lowe, and Jordan D. White.

After introductions, Mark Waid said that he was really happy with what they came up with in order to make The Watcher a more identifiable character. He joked that he identifies with the character himself because he's a "guy with a big bald head who knows a lot about continuity."

The murder mystery aspect of Original Sin was played up by Lowe, saying that the secrets Uatu has seen could "do a lot of damage to a lot of people."

Captain America, Nick Fury (original type), and the Punisher play a large role in the series, and it "all falls to Nick Fury's shoulders to figure out who killed the Watcher."

Credit: Marvel Comics

The tie-in series Original Sins will focus on those secrets Uatu knows, featuring characters from all around the Marvel Universe, like the Young Avengers.

Original Sins #3 features a story by Charles Soule about Black Bolt and a relatively new character called Lineage, who will then be featured heavily in Inhuman, Lowe teased. Aside from the tie-in series, there will be tie-ins in current ongoing series as well. Spider-Man's secret is that there's a second character who was bit by the spider that gave Peter Parker his powers, and her name is Silk.

More on that at the next one, the Spider-Verse panel.

Robinson is having fun doing a story tie-in in All-New Invaders #6-7. The story is about the granddaughter of Golden Girl, a Japanese woman involved with the Invaders. Radiance, the young girl, gets bombarded with a memory of an opportunity the Invaders had to end WWII without having to drop the atomic bombs, and they didn't.

"They chose not to have the bomb dropped. It's a big plot, and a real challenge. It's a lot of fun." Robinson also praised Mark Lamming's art, saying "he'll be doing the Avengers one day, he's a really great artist."

Fantastic Four #6-7 will also be Original Sin tie-ins. The "basic premise of the sin," says Robinson, is that Johnny Storm messed up an opportunity to turn The Thing back into Ben Grimm, and Johnny and Reed kept the secret from him. "What I like about this story, is that it will tie-in directly to Ben Grimm becoming a murderer, which plays into the next story. That's coming up, and it begins here. As bad as it sounds, yes, Ben Grimm will become a murderer."

Original Sin: Hulk vs. Iron Man will see Tony trying to figure out what connection he had to the gamma bomb. "I promise you this really does change the nature of Banner and Stark's relationships to come," Waid says.

Daredevil #6 is a tie-in as well, revealing why Matt Murdock's mother left him and his father when he was a baby. "It completely drops the bottom out of his world. It runs the risk of changing everything he does, why he does everything he does," Waid said. "He has to talk to Sister Maggie (his mother) and it's a shame she's in prison right now, and he can't practice law in New York." He also hinted that there are some easter eggs in #1.50 that tease other story elements coming in the book.

Credit: Marvel Comics

After teasing the Avengers tie-ins, Mike Marts, newly returned X-Men editor talked about the Uncanny X-Men tie-in. "When Bendis first told me his idea about the secret of The last will and testament of Charles Xavier, I was running back and forth in the halls and telling other editors about his ideas. Then he said to me later that day, "the idea is not big enough." And when I told the upper brass his new idea, I didn't think they'd let us do it."

Next up was Deadpool #29 which White said reveals "the secret about what happened to Deadpool's family." The story of their history is "not good." Meanwhile, he's dealing with his new wife's arch-nemesis, Dracula, and the vampires constantly attacking them. For help, he goes back in time and recruits 70s disco-style Dazzler, bringing her to the present to help him kill vampires.

While the series keeps its humor, he said that it is also very dark, and that's by design.

Nova #18-19 reveals the secrets of the Black Novas and of Sam's father, and it's something completely unexpected, Lowe promised. The death of the Watcher also hits Nova very personally, as he considers him a close friend.

Mighty Avengers #10-11 were next, and the book's editor talked about the revelation of Luke Cage and Blue Marvel's past in the 70s, alongside Luke's cop dad. Robinson said that "Al Ewing is one of the best new writers out there. You need to check out his books, this and Loki."

Speaking of Loki, Lowe revealed that Angela is Thor and Loki's sister, which will be told in its own mini-series. Original Sin: Thor and Loki: The Tenth Realm #1-5 will be a spin-off mini-series focusing on the reveal, with Jason Aaron, Al Ewing, Simone Bianchi, and Lee Garbet working on that. The series will reveal the "Tenth Realm" that she comes from (adding to the traditional nine realms of the Thor world), and the fact that Odin is Angela's biological father.

With that announcement, the panel moved to fan questions.

Will there be any secrets about villains? "Well, most villains don't keep their sins secret!" Waid joked. However, Robinson revealed that there will be a sin of Doctor Doom's revealed in the Original Sins series.

Marts teased that "Last will and testament" might cause further divisions than the "team Wolverine" vs "Team Cyclops" that happened in Schism, with some members of teams coming to blows over the revelations.

The S.H.I.E.L.D. series by Hickman and Weaver is coming back, Lowe said, and will have some big secrets of its own - they're just waiting for a few issues to be done before putting it back on the schedule, and it will tie-in to his overall Avengers plan.

"What you have to know about Jonathan," Waid joked, "is he knows what he's having for lunch on December 22nd 2015. That's how far ahead he plans." His overall Avengers plan is huge and will be touched on in other books as it comes to a head.

If Nick Fury, Sr. is being featured in Original Sin, does that mean he's going to die? Lowe said, "I never trust Jason Aaron with any character. But this is a big story going for Nick Fury and as a fan of his you're going to be really happy. It's really hard to kill Nick Fury."

Angela is a wholly-owned Marvel character, Lowe said in response to a question about whether she could be used in films. "But we're just trying to tell comic stories here. When Brubaker created the Winter Soldier, he had no thoughts about him being in a Captain America movie. We just want to make these such cool stories that our film division thinks they have to make them movies."

Original Sin will see some shakeups in team dynamics, from Captain America re-learning about the Illuminati to Angela's new involvement with Thor.

Punisher's Original Sin story will only take place in the main mini-series - his ongoing series will not tie-in.

"This will not go well for Bruce Banner," Waid said of his story. "We tried to go, 'oh, you know what, maybe being Bruce Banner isn't so ba- BLAM' with it."

Robinson is trying to break the Fantastic Four down to their bottom, but says it's part of a plan to bring them back to the top eventually.

The Young Avengers will have a story in Original Sins that goes through every issue of the series - the only through-story in it. Eli Bradley will not appear, Marvel acknowledged, but said it's a "neat and really funny story" by Ryan North.

Winter Soldier: The Bitter March is "laying down a lot of seeds for Captain America." The Winter Soldier will also be part of Nick Fury's team alongside The Punisher that he puts together in Original Sin and has a "big role to play in the series," Lowe said.

Jamie Madrox and Layla Miller will be back in the comics soon. "It's only a matter of time," Lowe promised. White teased, though, "the less we hear about them, the happier they are! Let them be happily married for awhile!" Robinson praised Peter David for taking the "nobody" character of Jamie Madrox and making him something truly special.

Howard the Duck will be appearing in Original Sins, believe it or not!

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