Marvel Confirms: Amazing #583 Hits 5th Printing

Obama-Spider-Man: 5th Printing

Amazing Spider-Man #583 - 5th Printing Cover

If only President Obama was this popular with Republicans.

As Newsarama reported last week, Marvel has now confirmed that its Amazing Spider-Man #583 has reached a 5th printing due to demand, making it the first monthly comic book issue to reach a fifth printing at Marvel in years (the hardcover edition of Marvel Zombies has seen five printings since its first collection).

The cover for the fifth printing inserts the statue of Abraham Lincoln from the Lincoln Memorial, playing on Obama's fondess for (and similarities too, as some have pointed out) the 16th President.

As we have previously reported , other Obama-appearance comics have seen multiple printings as well, as both Image's Savage Dragon #137 and IDW's Presidental Material: Barack Obama have reached fourth printings.

The new printing of the commemorative issue comes after Marvel has now insisted that the character who appears as the President in recent issues of Thunderbolts (a tall, thin, African American male) is in fact not President Obama, but rather a representation of the President in the Marvel Universe. This after Thunderbolts writer Andy Diggle had referred to the character as Barack Obama, and Marvel Editor in Chief Joe Quesada had stated about the Spider-Man meeting: "When we heard that [President] Obama is a collector of Spider-Man comics, we knew that these two historic figures had to meet in our comics' Marvel Universe. Historic moments such as this one can be refelcted in our comics because the Marvel Universe is set in the real world."

Recent news reports have indicated that the White House is starting to consider a policy for use of Obama's likeness moving forward, and as Newsarama's Jeff Trexler offered in his opinion, Amazing Spider-Man #583 would be less protected in the eyes of law when it comes to free speech and the First Amendment, as it is a purely commercial item, rather than something that is (the more protected) satire or parody.

Marvel's press release for the 5th printing reads:

BECAUSE YOU DEMANDED IT! To meet the continuing, unprecedented demand, Marvel is going back to press with Amazing Spider-Man #583 Fifth Printing Variant. After numerous sold out printings, Marvel is going back to press with a record fifth printing arriving in stores February 18th. Now’s your chance to experience the story uniting Barack Obama with the character that, in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, he named his favorite super hero!

Marvel urges retailers to place their orders by THURSDAY, FEBURARY 5th using Diamond Code DEC088074. Continuing the tradition of the previous printings, this cover will feature a new background along with the same iconic images of Spider-Man and new United States President Barack Obama.





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