Watch Darwyn Cooke's Full BATMAN BEYOND Animated Short

Credit: DC Entertainment

After a short preview earlier this week, today DC Comics released the full, brand-new animated short by Darwyn Cooke featuring Batman Beyond. The character, who had his own animated series from 1999 to 2001, seems to be getting a push this year in conjunction with his namesake, Batman's 75th Anniversary.

In addition to the new Batman Beyond short and the already ongoing digital-first comic, Terry McGinnis as the Batman of the future will be appearing in the new weekly series Futures End, a comic book series DC Comics seems to be revolving much of their publishing plan around for the next several months. In fact, September will see their entire line jump five years into the future to tie-in to that story, and a second weekly series (the third overall for the publisher in 2014) will spin-out of that event.

Check out the short here, and if you're a Batman Beyond fan, strap in for a major year.

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