Report: SUPERIOR Latest Mark Millar Property Optioned by Fox

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The one-man Hollywood production company known as ‘Mark Millar’ has set up yet another comics-to-film property at Twentieth Century Fox, where he serves as consultant to the studio’s Marvel Comics adaptations.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Millar’s 2010-2012 ICON series Superior (which was drawn by Leinil Francis Yu) is the latest to be optioned by Fox, and again produced by frequent Millar collaborator Matthew Vaughn. A search for a writer is reportedly under way.

Superior joins the Millar co-creations Starlight, Nemesis, and Kindergarten Heroes in development at the studio, along with October 24’s Secret Service, starring Colin Firth and also directed by Vaughn.

Of course Millar already had Kick-Ass (directed by Vaughn), Kick-Ass 2 (produced by Vaughn), and Wanted produced for the big-screen. Smart money has Fox picking up Millar's May-debuting Millarworld series MPH for big screen adaptation sometime soon.

As described by The Hollywood Reporter, Superior is the story of “a popular and athletic 12-year-old boy who loses his social life when he is stricken by multiple sclerosis. One night, an alien monkey grants the boy one wish and he chooses to become his favorite superhero, a Superman-like character named Superior.

“After relishing his new life as a hero, the boy discovers that the monkey is actually a demon from Hell and he must sell his soul if he is to remain the powerful hero -- or return to his original body.”

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