Fox Gives Definitive X-MEN Movie Timeline - Including New Moments

Credit: Fox

The cross-media promotion campaign for X-Men: Days of Future Past that started with an in-fiction website for Trask Industries last year continues to expand with another website today, this one called “25 Moments.”

Found at a new sub site for the full movie site, “25 Moments” gives a definitive timeline that expands from 1962 to 2018, showing the 25 largest moments in the movie universe’s history between mutants and humans.

It all begins with the Cuban Missile Crisis, as depicted in X-Men: First Class, and ends with Bishop “forming the free mutants,” a militant organization after escaping “Camp X-Ray,” which sounds relatively close to his original origin. In-between? There are moments from Days of Future Past, from the original three X-Men movies and more.

Here’s a bullet point list, but check out the website for more, and hints at what’s to come from the movie world of the X-Men, including how Quicksilver was discovered, when the Sentinels launched, and more.

  • 1963- Erik Lehnsherr is implicated in Murder
  • 1965- Charles Xavier Opens the School for Gifted Youngsters
  • 1967- Trask Industries Develops Artificial Limbs
  • 1972- Prolonged Silence on Nixon White House Tapes Points to Scandal
  • 1973- Trask Announces the Sentinel Mark I Program
  • 1975- Xavier Goes to Washington
  • 1977- World Record Scandal
  • 1984- Minister Dubs Mutants “God’s Curse”
  • 1986- Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster
  • 1988- Berlin Wall Protests
  • 1989- DNA Evidence
  • 1991- South African Reform
  • 1994- Zapatistas Ally with Mutant Supporters
  • 1996- Mad Cow Disease Outbreak
  • 2001- Guantanamo Bay Mutant Detention Center
  • 2006- Warring Mutant Factions Destroy the Golden Gate Bridge
  • 2008- U.S. Erects Wall to Strengthen Border
  • 2009- Mutant Inhibitor Collar
  • 2010- Trask Industries Acquires Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters
  • 2011- March on X-Mansion
  • 2012- Mutants Escape Trask Prison Camps
  • 2013- Trask Announces Mark X
  • 2015- Death of Hank McCoy
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