ADAM WARROCK Debuts MS. MARVEL Song for All-New Marvel NOW! Week

Credit: Adam WarRock

Adam WarRock is at it again, this week making a brand-new free mixtape, this time themed around the titles of Marvel Comics in the All-New Marvel NOW! initiative. After kicking off with Silver Surfer and Moon Knight, we’re debuting the newest song, and this one is extra marvelous.

Ms. Marvel gets the nod for day three, with a song about the All-New hero Kamala Khan.

The rapper talks in his post about the new song on his own site, where you can also download the song for free, mentioning that as a minority himself who grew up loving Jubilee because he could identify with her, it’s important to have this diversity in comics.

”Seeing a representation of yourself, mirrored in your favorite pop cultural media - more importantly, seeing it presented in a way that's not insulting, demeaning, degrading, belittling -- not just lip service. It means something. It's deeply affecting, and in a lot of ways life changing,” WarRock says.

Check out the song above, head over to his site to pick up the track for free, and follow Adam WarRock on twitter for more as All-New Marvel NOW! week continues and he also continues to travel around the country.

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