DC Comics Draws Attention to NEW Female ROBIN Candidate

Is this the new Robin? Oh, who knows at this point...
Credit: DC Comics

Now that we know Harper Row is moving into the new sidekick/partner/bat-associate role of Bluebird, pulling her off our “possible Robin” list. Luckily, this week’s Detective Comics #30 by new creative team Francis Manapul and Brian Buccellato has provided us with a suitable replacement.

In fact, DC Comics is pointing it out on their own blog with their “This just happened” feature.

The feature points out the new character Anna Aguila, a risk-taking high-flying motorbike rider, who is described by DC Comics as doing trick “like she has wings to help her fly.”

Now, doesn’t that sound like a future Robin?

Maybe it’s all a misdirection, but the way she moved, and the first issue by this creative team’s focus on the previous Robin, the dearly deceased Damian Wayne, sure seems to imply a costumed future for Aguila. If nothing else, it certainly adds her to the list of candidates.

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