Marvel Movie Propmaster Shows Off His Toys, DEATHSTROKE vs Everyone in Latest ARROW Clip

Marvel propmaster Russell Bobbitt
Marvel propmaster Russell Bobbitt and his stuff

Did you know there were 46 different Captain America shields used in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, at a cost of about $5500 a piece ($253k, for those keeping score at home). caught up with the man responsible for making them (you can't order them from Amazon), propmaster Russell Bobbitt, who's worked on six of the Marvel Cinematic Universe films and is responsible for all of Tony Stark's chest ARC reactors, Thor's hammer, Cap's shield, the Iron Man 'suitcase' armor, and pretty much everything else, including fake babies (watch the videos). He's currently working on Ant-Man's equipment for Edgar Wright's 2015 film.

“My job is to acquire, design, engineer, and manufacture everything that the actor touches in the film,” Bobbitt tells “The weapons, the guns, that’s all me. If there’s a food scene, I gotta design the food, or if you’re wearing a watch or eyeglasses, that’s me too, basically.”

In the videos below, Bobbitt takes on a tour of Marvel’s "top secret" storage warehouse and shows off some of the toys he's built.

DEATHSTROKE vs Everyone Round 2 in Latest ARROW Promo

Deathstroke does “not fear an Arrow” in the clip for the follow-up to last night’s episode. “The Man Under the Hood” won’t air until April 16, 2014, as next week the Arrow crew takes a week off. Until then, this promo will have to sate your need for more - just watch it 88 times and it’s a full episode! Team Arrow suits up and prepares to try to kill the ultimate weapon - we don’t think it’ll be quite that easy, especially after all the twists last night.

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