Evian Brings a Skottie Young Cover to Live Action in SPIDER-MAN 'Amazing Baby & Me' Vid

Evian Amazing Baby & Me
image from Evian's Amazing Baby & Me video
Credit: Evian/Marvel
Amazing Spider-Man #1 Skottie Young variant
Amazing Spider-Man #1 Skottie Young variant
Credit: Marvel Comics

So apparently there's this Evian 'Baby & Me' campaign featuring adults, who seeing reflections of themselves as babies in mirrors, begin dancing. 135 million YouTube views later, it's got a sequel, this one tied into this May's Amazing Spider-Man 2.

The new add by Evian, a promotional partner on the film, is a basic redo of the original (same music), but this one features Spider-Man seeing a baby reflection of himself, and who also begins dancing, but in a way only a Spider-Man can.

Though not official, the baby Spider-Man does remind one of artist Skottie Young's junior version of the Wall-crawler, who's been featured on dozens of Marvel variant covers over the last several years, including this one for this month's Amazing Spider-Man #1.

There's Young's version, and here's the video homage:

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