ORIGINAL SIN Teaser Asks 'Who Will Watch Us Now?'

Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Update 10am Thursday: The final of four teasers hit Thursday morning, and this one is asking about the newest job opening in the Marvel Universe.

"Who will watch us now?" the teaser asks.

Well, that's a good question. Let's face it, The Watcher has always been two things: a bit of a creeper, and really bad at an aspect of his job. The idea of someone who can just pop in and see anything and everything that happens is not a comforting one for most people - "He sees you when you're sleeping" has always been the creepiest line of any Christmas Carol after all. Of course, the code of the Watchers preaches no interference - something that Oatu has done time and time again throughout the years.

So, who could fill his position? Well, it could be a character that Returns from Beyond. Maybe this is a way to bring someone like the original Captain Marvel - Mahr-Vell, and give him a new place in the Marvel Universe. Or maybe they go the "Earth X" route and bring in X-51, the Machine Man to take over as he did in that alternate future series. Or hey, Deadpool is popular, and he knows he's in a comic book. Comic book readers have been the ultimate "Watchers" after all, with some graduating into comic book writers and artists who "interfere" with the characters' stories. Whoever it is, it has to be someone with a penchant for the voyeur lifestyle.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Update 4:30pm Wednesday: The newest Marvel teaser for Original Sin asks “Who Returns From Beyond?” Of course, most Marvel events tend to have at least one death and at least one resurrection, so this shouldn’t be too big of a surprise.

But with so many of those resurrections lately, there are a surprisingly few amount of possibilities. Sure, there’s a few random young heroes, or third-string X-Men, but they wouldn’t warrant a teaser of their own. So who could it be?

Well, there’s always our old standby of Jean Grey. While the younger Jean Grey is beginning to truly thrive in the present-day Marvel Universe (even discovering new, non-Phoenix-assisted power levels), the curveball of a mature Jean finally coming back from the day could really shift that dynamic. Her affect on the elder Cyclops and on Wolverine would still be unique, as well.

Credit: Marvel Comics

There’s Nova (Richard Ryder) who as far as we know is beyond the main universe (maybe dead, maybe alive, but still beyond), and the various members of the Vell family, and any one of them returning could symbolize a larger universal implication to what’s happening on Earth. After all, the Watcher was around for all the major events in the Marvel Universe, even the big cosmic battles.

Of course, this could also be more literal, and perhaps it’s referencing the Marvel villain, the Beyonder. With a threat that large coming down to Earth when things are already in disarray, he could make a great antagonist for the third act of this story, or as setup for the next event, which history shows Marvel will plant the seeds of at some point in this series.

Original Story: Marvel has released the second of four new Original Sin teasers (how do we know? the image filenames say so). Wednesday's latest asks "The Watcher is Dead. Who is Next?"

Credit: Marvel Comics

The first of the four new teasers released Tuesday afternoon asked "What Have You Not Been Told?"

Later Wednesday afternoon Marvel will also hold a press conference seemingly to explain the Original Sins (plural) titles solicited without any other info or images in their June 2014 solicitations .

And Tuesday the publisher also issued a press release in which they promised comic book retailers served by Diamond Comic Distributors "unprecedented level of marketing and promotion exceeding the mass media buzz of any other previous event in Marvel’s comic book history," for the May-debuting event.

"Exceeding the investment of previous Marvel events, Original Sin is set to reach new and current audiences in 2014 thanks to vast social media outreach, new levels of targeted web and video advertising, radio campaigns, television placements including Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Declassified and other high-profile press estimated to be seen and heard by millions of potential consumers," reads Marvel's announcement.

Credit: Marvel Comics



Credit: Marvel Comics
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