Doctor Strange and Nightmare Superman Make March Mystical: Comic Book MMO Updates

Nightmare Superman in Infinite Crisis (click for full-size wallpaper)
Credit: Turbine / WBIE

Things that go bump in the night were all the rage in March as a pair of characters who bump back make their way to the front in March. Plus Team-Ups, Amazons and age-appropriate villainy!

Marvel Heroes

The climax of the two week long “Don’t Fear the Reaper” event will be the debut of Marvel Heroes’ newest playable character, the Sorcerer Supreme: Doctor Strange. Long in place as a lore-giving NPC, neurosurgeon turned supernatural superhero Steven Strange makes the leap into the fray as an always hovering (thanks to his Cloak of Levitation), visually impressive spell-slinger who makes great use of all sixty years of Marvel Lore to keep mobs at bay with a (hoary) host of powerful enchantments and attacks all bearing the character’s trademark alliterative names. Apart from direct attacks like the Fangs of Farallah and the Flames of the Faltine, Strange can crowd control with the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak and buff allies with the Shield of the Seraphim. Not known for his physical might, Doctor Strange keeps himself safe via Astral Projection, which fools enemies into attacking shadows. To start he wears the ‘classic’ blue tunic/red cape costume, but his lower profile black and red Defenders costume is available for purchase or lucky drop.

In 1972 Marvel Comics debuted Marvel Team-Up, a comic series where two heroes (one of which was almost always the popular, book-selling Spider-Man) were paired to take down a single threat. Marvel Heroes has taken inspiration from that to develop its version of the “Hireling’ or ‘Mercenary’ mechanic: the Team-Up. For real money, or the free/active play-earned in-game currency, you can purchase one of the four initial Team-Up heroes to fight alongside your player character heroes: Spider-Man (naturally), Firestar (one of the first characters to make the leap from TV to the comics), synergistically timed Captain America: The Winter Solider inspired Falcon and cult mutant favorite Illyana Rasputin, AKA Magik.

In costume news, Rocket Raccoon can now get dressed in his Office Attire, compete with still-potent staple guns in place of his blasters. There is Squirrel Girl’s black and yellow leather GLX costume, a Forever City inspired outfit for Gambit, and Jean Grey can now dress as her time-displaced All-New X-Men younger self just like Cyclops. This coming month will mark the debut of the Suri Black Panther ‘Enhanced’ Costume, which when equipped will replace T’Challa with his sister, complete with new voice work and animations. Finally, Apple-fans can still sign-up for the Marvel Heroes Closed Beta for the Mac here.

Infinite Crisis

The Infinite Crisis Open Beta has begun, but the DC Multiverse MOBA is not done adding Champions to their roster and it’s an extra-strange strange visitor from another planet: the Nightmare Superman. When an alternate universe Superman flew into the Phantom Zone to repel an invasion from that prison dimension, the battle left his city devastated, his body altered and his mind shattered. A rare Superman built to support a team rather than lead it, Nightmare Superman’s passive power allows him to ‘possess’ the enemy player who defeated him. Though he cannot control the other player’s movements a possessed enemy is debuffed and revealed on the map to the fallen Superman’s allies. If your team takes that player down, Nightmare Superman is spawned again instantly. His Phantom Collector active power leeches armor from enemies and grants it to allies, while Vortex slows foes and has a crowd control effect. Siphon/Infuse has a split effect depending on the target’s team alignment; the former is a strong attack that will grant a moderate shield to allies, while the latter grants a strong shield and then attacks for moderate damage. Nightmare Superman’s ultimate attack, Condemn, traps foes in a phantom zone cell, rendering them unable to attack or move. If the enemy is defeated, the cell explodes, damaging in an area around it and issuing a speed debuff.

DC Universe Online

There is a temporary truce on in the War of Light, and Amazonian villains of the DC Universe have taken the opportunity to stir up trouble. Queen Hippolyta, has gone crazy! She’s allied herself with DCUO heavy-hitter Circe and declares war on humanity! In response Wonder Woman has taken up arms against her mother to defend Gotham City and to get to the bottom of this strangeness.

DLC #10, Amazon Fury Part I (of three) will feature new story content, a new shared open area (a Gotham under siege by Amazons and beasts from myth), new Solo Iconic Visions (as Wonder Woman or Circe), a 4-player Alert and two new Duos.

Structurally a new Weapon Mastery system will change the game’s basic combat system. Says Senior Creative Director for DC Universe Online Jens Andersen: “Players are going to feel more badass in combat with Weapon Mastery. It will allow them to become proficient with multiple weapon types, much like the iconic characters in the DC Comics, such as Wonder Woman, who uses swords but is also a punching brawler. Weapon Mastery is going to bring fights to a whole new level.”

DCUO's Amazon Fury Part I DLC pack will be a free download for the game's Members and will be available later this Spring for purchase by Free and Premium players via the PlayStation Network, the in-game Marketplace, or for PC players via the website.

Marvel Super Hero Squad Online

The all-ages superhero MMO, Marvel Super Hero Squad Online has announced that its roster of do-gooders has now expanded to include some nefarious names including Magneto, Dr. Doom, Mystique, and the Impossible Man complete with their own mission dubbed “Bring on the Bad Guys!” We can only hope, since this is a family-friendly title, that their activities will rise only to level of Impossible Man-like mischief and not genocide, world-domination, political assassination or any kind of bone chilling, blood curdling horror.

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