Update: Marvel Fully Reveals FANTASTIC FOUR ORIGINAL SIN Tie-In: Family Divided

Marvel Original Sin teases
Credit: Marvel Comics

Update Tuesday Afternoon: Marvel has released the full information for the Fantastic Four #6, the Original Sin tie-in, teasing what's to come in the book, and it doesn't look good for the longstanding friendship between Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm.

“Something I always loved about the relationship between Ben and Johnny was how much it was like brothers, bickering, poking fun of each other, pranks…great moments that felt like real family,” said editor Mark Paniccia, “The secret that gets out will have a major effect on the two. It’s brilliant emotional stuff. Hard hitting and heart breaking.”

What's that secret? Well, Johnny inadvertently destroyed a device that could have cured Ben forever of his Thing-ness. Of course, that may not seem like too huge of a deal. After all, it was inadvertent, and you'd think that if Reed could make it once he could make it again - but there are sure to be mitigating circumstances explaining that.

Perhaps the more interesting bit in the cover is that Johnny is pretty clearly flamed on, despite having apparently temporarily lost his powers in March's issue.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Original Story: Marvel is continuing to release their Original Sin "Everyone Has One" teasers highlighting the ongoing series tie-ins to their next major comic book event.

Latest to find its way onto the Internets is a Fantastic Four teaser, for a tie-in that begins in June in the James Robinson-written series. Here's that image.

Credit: Marvel Comics

And over the last 24 hours Marvel has released an All-New Invaders teaser for the Robinson-written Marvel series, and followed it up with further info:

"The secrets of the world’s greatest heroes come undone in All-New Invaders #6," says Marvel, adding the issue will feature art by  Marc Laming.
"Brothers in arms. Companions in battle. Originally assembled for one purpose – battle back the Axis of Evil and free the world from the grip of tyrants. Though the Invaders ultimately helped win World War II, it came at a heavy cost.
"They had orders. They disobeyed. And the cost for their defiance was impossibly high. What secret have the Invaders been keeping? A secret that could have saved countless thousands. Now the secret is out – and Captain America, The Winter Soldier, Namor and the Original Human Torch will face the consequences for their actions."

“Human Torch’s first mission as an official Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. forces him to confront a new superhuman with ties to the Invaders’s sin,” editor Mark Paniccia revealed. “The mysteries uncovered here are just the beginning. Something’s brewing here that’s way bigger.”

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