JUPITER ASCENDING Trailer Has Every Scifi/Fantasy Trope You Can Imagine

BEEEEEEEEEEEEES! - Scene from Jupiter Ascending
Credit: Warner Bros.

The new movie from the Wachowskis, the creators of The Matrix, Jupiter Ascending has its first full trailer from Warner Bros. and it's a doozy. This trailer is basically a wikipedia entry of Scifi/Fantasy movie tropes. Let's do the list:

  • Lost mystical princess/queen destined to save her people (who is in trouble)
  • Epic battles in space, on land, and in air
  • Some sort of mech/robot
  • Pointy-eared hero warrior
  • A dragon
  • Overly elaborate costumes
  • Establishing shots of planets and vessels to show scope
  • Cybernetic implants/advanced tech for movement and sensory input
  • Some kind of little CGI goblin creature
  • Screaming/posturing villain (who of course stole power and wants the mystical princess dead)
  • Sean Bean

Yes, Jupiter Ascending actualy has all of that, and in just a two and a half minute trailer. Give it a look below.

Bonus! More Scifi Trailer-y Action from Warner Bros.

What's that? Jupiter Ascending didn't fill your need for scifi movie trailers from Warner Bros.? Well here's another! This one is for Tom Cruise, who seems to be really getting into scifi of late, and his new movie Edge of Tomorrow. It's been called by many a "scifi/war version of Groundhog Day," and features Cruise's character reliving the same disastrous battle over and over. Last year, Tom Cruise starred in a scifi movie where he lived the same mission over and over again, but that was different because it was with clones.

The official tagline is : Live. Die. Repeat.

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