DC Announces BATMAN 75th Anniversary Celebrations, Releases ARKHAM KNIGHT Design

Batman 75th Anniversary Logo
Credit: DC Comics

You wouldn't know it thanks to sliding timelines and reboots, but Batman turns 75 this year (he doesn't look a day over 27 - must be the billionaire thing). Today DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. have announced various celebrations, including the logo above, a new special art gallery centered around the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight game, new animated shorts, "Batman Day" and much more.

Batman: Akrham Knight's titular new villain, the Arkham Knight
Batman: Akrham Knight's titular new villain, the Arkham Knight
Credit: Rocksteady / WBIE

The "Cape/Cowl/Create" art exhibit will be at Comic-Con International: San Diego in July 2014, and will feature contemproary artists painting on a cape and cowl designed by Asher Levine and based on the Batsuit in Batman: Arkham Knight. The anticipated video game's style reflects an older, more seasoned Batman. The art exhibit is similar in style to a stormtrooper exhibit curated for Star Wars Celebration where artists painted on blank stormtrooper helmets for charity auctions. The video game from Rocksteady and WBIE will be released this fall, and also released the look for the titular villain, the Arkham Knight.

Two animated features based around Batman are coming this Summer as well, with Son of Batman on May 6, 2014, and Assault on Arkham later in the summer. In addition, two animated shorts are coming in April 2014. One will come from Bruce Timm (likely, though unconfirmed, a reflection of the Superman-through-the-years short he produced last year for that character's 75th). The other, from Darwyn Cooke, will center instead on the Batman Beyond version of the character, a futuristic take getting a significant push in the comics this year.

Camren Bicondova as Selina Kyle on Gotham
Camren Bicondova as Selina Kyle on Gotham
Credit: Fox

In live action news, the anniversary includes a 25th Anniversary Edition of Batman, the Tim Burton feature film from 1989. WBTV and Fox are currently in production for the pilot of Gotham, the prequel story that centers on a young detective James Gordon and features a young, child Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle, and will have pre-supervillain versions of other characters like The Penguin. DC Entertainment also notes in their press release that production of Zack Snyder's untitled Superman/Batman film begins in 2014, noting of course that Ben Affleck will star in the film as Batman/Bruce Wayne alongside Henry Cavill's return as Superman. "The film, slated for release summer 2016, will bring the two most iconic Super Heroes of all time together for the first time on the big screen," the press release says. Warner Bros. has previously announced a May 6, 2016 release date for the film. While in movie industry venacular, the first weekend in May is often referred to the start of the summer, tentpole movie season, DCE referring to the Man of Steel sequel as a "summer 2016" film bears watching, considering the current showdown between DCE and Marvel Studios over the May date. Marvel Studios has recently scheduled the third Captain America film for that date.

Batman Day will land in July 2014, as well. On Wednesday July 23, 2014, DC is partnering with comic retailers, book stores, and libraries for special celebrations including a free Batman comic. They did not say whether that will include new material or merely reprints.

Elsewhere around the comic book world for the celebration year, DC launches the Batman Eternal weekly comic in April, will have exclusive Batman variant covers for SDCC, special edition hardcovers centered on Batman and The Joker, and more planned.

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