Post Game: Lost 5.3 - "Jughead"

You know what’s coming first . . . Spoiler Puppies On!.

Really, folks. Spoilers on.

All right then, if we’re all good . . .

Last night’s Lost kept things moving even without the presence of the Oceanic 6. In fact, this terrific episode was chock full of story, and provided a tremendous download of information. You can now either positively identify, or at least infer, the following facts:

1) Charles Widmore. Not only was he indeed on the island fifty-some years in the past, he was an Other.

2) The Other named “Ellie”. I’ll tell you why Daniel thought he recognized her. That’s his mother, Eloise Hawking.

3) Considering Richard’s agelessness, his use of the compass, and other bits, I’m pretty sure that Richard Alpert was aboard the Black Rock when it ran aground on the island years previous.

4) The U.S. Military knows about the island, and has known about the island for quite some time.

5) Locke pretty much sent Richard on the mission to find him as a child himself. That would explain Richard’s frustration when he offered young Locke the objects; young Locke didn’t choose what Richard expected at that time, and it upset him.

6) If Widmore and Hawking are now definitely confirmed to have been on the island that long before Dharma, it kind of calls the entire tapestry of the show into question. They saw and interacted with a number of people that could have been, in later years, manipulated into being on Flight 815 AND on the freighter. If you recall, Widmore made certain that Daniel Faraday, Miles, and Charlotte were on the freighter himself.

7) Desmond and Penny named their son Charlie. Awwww. Irony alert: her diabolical dad’s name is Charles, too. Buzzkill, that.

8) It would seem now that the antipathy between Widmore and Ben goes back to the time of the Purge. It was said that Widmore’s been looking for the island for twenty years. I’m guessing that he was exiled by Ben and the gang at some point for some transgression. Either that, or he once moved the island himself. This begs this question: has Widmore ONLY been gone from the island for twenty years, or did he just start looking for it again twenty years ago? Penny is obviously more than twenty years old; was Penny ever on the island herself?

9) I love that the hydrogen bomb was named Jughead. It does make you wonder though . . . exactly where is the bomb buried now, and how much trouble is THAT going to cause?

10) Anyone else think that the “tent-town” is the future site of “New Otherton”, as Sawyer liked to call it?

One thing that I would like to see the story get back to: why was it so critical to take Walt at the end of the first season? We need to see a bit more about Walt and the psychic stuff (I fully expect there to be a payoff to the fact that baby Aaron “felt” Charlie die), and we definitely need to get to the bottom of Smoky the Creature. Now that Walt’s growth has caught up to his actual character age, I’d like to see him back on a more recurring basis.

So yeah, big week. Thoughts, campers?

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