SPIDER-VERSE's Spider-Men: We Name Them All!

Spider-Verse art
Credit: Marvel Comics

Well, Gabriele Dell'Otto sure knows how to draw Spider-Man, in every darn incarnation there has been. While Marvel teases to us that this is "just a fraction" of the total number of Spider-Men and Women that will appear in the mini-series Spider-Verse, which sees "every single one" of the Spider-Man alternates that have been featured or designed teaming up against Morlun, a Spider-Man of another generation, we still thought we'd try to name as many of this initial image as we could. With assistance from David Pepose and George Marston of the Best Shots crew and Mark Ginocchio of ChasingAmazingBlog.com, here's our rudimentary key of Spider-Men. Again, we're not 100% positive on these, but we are giving our very best educated guesses.

Credit: Marvel Comics

2099, Wolf, Noir, Earth X, Ghost Spider, Kwaku Anansi, Prince Arachne, Captain Universe, Ben “Scarlet Spider” Reilly, Big Time, 2211, Negative Zone Spider, Betty Brant Spider-Girl, Captain Spider, Ends of the Earth Spider-Armor, Ultimate (Miles), Peter Parker, Reilly One True Spidey, Secret War, Mangaverse, Spider-Ham, Spider-Man J, Iron Spidey, Amazing Bag-Head, Bruce Banner (Bullet Points), Spider-Monkey, Spider-Carnage (aka The Spider), Izumi, Black Suit/Symbiote, White Suit F4, Ultimate Spider-Woman, Spider-Girl (May Parker MC2), Spider-Woman (Drew), Scarlet Spider (Kaine), Man-Spider, Parker's Last Stand, Doppleganger, Spider-Girl (Anya)

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