THE WALKING DEAD: Melissa Hutchison Talks Sassy, Bad-Ass, Season 2 CLEMENTINE's Future

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If one could choose the kind of person they'd be to face a Zombie Apocalypse, few would select “ten-year-old orphan girl.” The fact that Telltale Games has made this option in their The Walking Dead game not just possible but desirable is a tribute to not only their writing but the performance of young Clementine by veteran gaming voice actor Melissa Hutchison. With the second episode of the game's second season released, Newsarama caught up with Melissa Hutchison at Chicago's The Walking Dead fan convention: Walker Stalker Con 2014.

Newsarama: Melissa, how have the fans responded to Season Two, Episode 2?

Melissa Hutchison: I've heard so far that Season Two, and Episode 2 in particular, is getting rave reviews for being the best episode so far, including all of Season One, so I'm just blown away at the success and I'm psyched. It's just so much fun to record, so to have [The Walking Dead game] continue to be a success is very dreamy for me because I am so attached to Clementine and it’s a very special project to me.

Nrama: We are here at convention for fans of the TV show, how has your interaction been with them, what do they think about Clementine and the game overall?

Hutchison: It's funny, here at Walker Stalker [Con 2014] I've had several people come up to me a tell me that Clem is the Daryl [Dixon] of video games at this point; she's kinda untouchable and so loved. [Interviewer's note: the most common t-shirt at the convention echoed this sentiment and repeated the fan meme: “If Daryl Dies, We Riot.”] I can't imagine that she'd be killed off but that's the world of The Walking Dead, so you never know.

Nrama: Without revealing too much to those who haven't played Season 1, how have things changed now that you are separated from your co-star, Dave Fennoy who portrayed Lee Everett?

Hutchison: We still hang out, we've been to some conventions. Though we never recorded together, it's interesting, I miss him of course, I miss his character, but Season 1 was all about preparing Clementine for survival on her own so it kinda feels right since that is how they set it up. It's sad that he's not there, and I miss hanging out with him when he comes up to record, but we still see each other, so it’s not so bad.

Nrama: How has your work load changed now that Clementine is in the lead role?

Hutchison: The recording sessions have tripled in time. Before I was going in for three hour sessions for maybe one or two days during the first season, but now it's at least a four or five hour sessions, then the pick-up sessions. It's been a lot of fun to be the one doing the choices, because some of her choices she's more innocent and still 'little Clem,' and then there is 'sassy Clem,' which is really fun for me to bring out the bad-ass in this character, she's awesome.

Nrama: Can you see yourself in the role for years to come?

Hutchison: Yeah, I was joking around with someone, “I want to see Season Thirty!” Hell yeah, this has been such an awesome amazing project for me, I would love to continue on with this character. That's my personal goal, as to whether that comes true, we'll see. This is an amazing ride, I don't want to get off.

Nrama: Finally, If you could give Clem something or want something to happen for her, what could that be?

Hutchison: A puppy dog [Laughs]. Well, there was a dog in Episode 1, but due to certain circumstances... I don't want her to be alone, she's met up with certain people now, I don't want to spoil it for anybody, but I want her to have a good group of people and have a good friend. I've heard people say that maybe her and [new Season 2 character] Sarah can be friends, but Sarah's a little... well, even though she's is older than Clementine, she's kind of... yeah, I don't see the friend connection there. It would be cool if she always had people near her. Good people. With intact brains.

Episodes 1 and 2 of Telltale's The Walking Dead Season Two game are downloadable for multiple platforms now.

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