FOREVER EVIL #7, NIGHTWING #30, Two More Pushed Back to May

DC Comics April 2014 solicitations
Credit: DC Comics

Forever Evil #7, DC's event finale that was originally solicited for a March 26, 2014 release and previously delayed to mid-April, has now been moved back to May 21st.

As a result, DC has also moved back the release date of three original April-solicited titles that spin directly out of the story — Justice League #30 and Justice League of America #14 are now also scheduled for May 21, and Nightwing #30 and fellow tie-in Suicide Squad #30 are scheduled to go on sale May 28.

Credit: DC Comics

Justice League #30 introduces Lex Luthor as a member of the team, Justice League of America #14 is the final issue of that series before Justice League United launches, and Nightwing #30, which is also the final issue of that series, follows up on the fate of the title hero. In Forever Evil #6, the fate of Nightwing was in question — although he'd been killed by Lex Luthor in order to stop a bomb hooked up to his heart, the villain told Batman, "it's not too late," implying that Dick Grayson might be resuscitated.

April was originally supposed to be the date when all of DC's comics would jump forward to follow up on Forever Evil. Now, the April-shipping issues may be following up on an event that hasn't yet ended.

The move will also mean the Forever Evil conclusion will happen after the beginning of DC's two weeklies, Batman: Eternal and The New 52: Futures End. Subsequently, we can only surmise that readers can expect Nightwing to be absent from the earliest issues of Eternal.

DC has not publicly indicated why the changes were made and has so far not responded to our inquiries seeking comment.

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