ORIGINAL SIN to Uncover DEADPOOL’s True, Complete Origin

Deadpool #29
Deadpool #29
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

This summer’s Original Sin series promises to unveil the darkest secrets of heroes and villains alike, and one character who’s been both will finally open up about the machinations that made him the man – or should I say Merc – he is today

Beginning in May’s Deadpool #29 and running five issues, Marvel plumbs the depths of Deadpool – and finding he’s deeper than you think. Readers already know of his origins as a test subject for the Weapon Plus program as seen going back to his debut in New Mutants #98 and further developed in recent issues of Deadpool, but this new arc promises to go deeper and unveil Wade Wilson’s parents, how they were killed, why they were killed, and most importantly – by who. Since his debut both the readers and the character himself have been in the dark about the person (or persons) who cut down his mother and father, but thanks to the leaks from Uatu the Watcher’s murder in Original Sin the truth finally comes out.

To talk more about this recent nuances unveiled about the early days of Deadpool as well as the secrets which will be revealed next, Gerry Duggan spoke with Newsarama about what he, Brian Posehn and artist John Lucas will be digging up in the coming months.

Newsarama: Gerry, clue us in as to what’s coming up in Deadpool -- Marvel tells us the events of Original Sin are going to open up some old wounds for the Merc with a Mouth.

Gerry Duggan: Like so much of his past, Deadpool won’t at first be aware that he is tying into a larger story.

Nrama: What exactly is the secret from Watcher’s files that is revealed here for Wade? He’s the kind of guy that doesn’t have just one.

Duggan: There are two secrets revealed in Deadpool’s orbit. The first is one that fans have wondered about for the last year, the second goes back to Deadpool’s early days. He will not be privy to either secret, at least right away. Both are big, life-changing secrets.

Nrama: When you say you’re doing a story about Deadpool’s origin, you can’t do it without delving into the Weapon Plus program, and also Butler who we met in Deadpool #14 and saw die in #19. Can you tell us about revisiting those parts of Wade’s past here?

Duggan: Wade Wilson’s origin begins in Deadpool #14 and concludes with #19. “The Good, The Bad & The Ugly” was designed to make some sense of the contradictory threads in our wake, while also putting a strong wind at our back to tell new stories. It would be a real shame to learn what is true and what isn’t, right? What I can tell you with certainty is that Deadpool, Cap & Logan went to North Korea. Deadpool left a changed man, a better man; he’s continued to evolve. Free of the experiments, mind-wipes and drugs Deadpool is finding out who he is, and he might not like what he finds, but he’s a fighter. I’m rooting for him against the considerable obstacles that are in his immediate and long-term futures.

Nrama: Some people suspect that whatever made Wade Wilson into Deadpool also made the personality we see today – can you say if that’s true? Or even if you can’t, can you say if we’ll get to meet Wade Wilson before he became Deadpool in this arc?

Deadpool #29
Deadpool #29
Credit: Marvel Comics

Duggan: We saw a little of Wade as he was transitioning to Deadpool in “The Good The Bad & The Ugly.” A giant government and corporate machine gobbled Wade up a long time ago, and now he’s come out the other side of the meat grinder. I like keeping pre-Deadpool Wade out of focus.

Nrama: Deadpool’s childhood has been hinted about here and there – there was mention that his mother died from cancer and his father was killed by a drunken friend of Wade’s. Will you be revisiting and expanding upon Wade’s relationship with his parents?

Duggan: Only enough to further the current, ongoing story. So, not too much. The “inventory” issues allow us to tee-up some things, and they’re fun to play in the different eras, but I don’t believe in prequels.

Nrama: You and Brian Posehn have been writing Deadpool for some time now, but never really delved into his origin – what’s it like to get the keys to definitively tell that part of his life after him being around for over two decades?

Duggan: We’re telling yet another sad story from his past that will come back to haunt him. It will not “upset the apple cart” in terms of what has come before. In “The Good, The Bad & The Ugly” we saw Butler remind Deadpool they had a long, fruitful cooperation, and now we’ll see the depths of Butler’s depravity.

Nrama: Are there previous Deadpool stories you’re looking to to base and elaborate on Deadpool’s origin?

Duggan: Being honest, I don’t look backward very much. In life, or in comics. I’m not a writer that wants to invalidate someone else’s work, and so “The Good, The Bad & The Ugly” is one of the things I hope to leave behind for Wade. Now, whichever origin you hope is “the one” can be the one. Everyone knows who Deadpool is. Love him or hate him. Everyone knows Deadpool. What I find interesting, what keeps me going is to write for Wade Wilson, the man under the Deadpool mask.

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