Bendis & Oeming's POWERS Coming to PlayStation... TV

After a couple of failed attempts at FX, Powers is finally coming to TV via a somewhat unlikely source. As reported by Deadline, Sony Pictures Television is bringing Powers to the small screen in an all-new live-action hour-long drama being distributed on the PlayStation Network.

The skip-the-network and go straight-to-streaming model for television programs is one that seems to be gaining ground. Whether it’s Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon, the three major streaming services are all producing shows for internet distribution. Now PlayStation, who has previously been a distributor for an anime series, is getting in on the action.

Charlie Huston, who has experience in TV and comics (with a heavy Detective background) is writing the series pilot with a new take (meaning not the same as the FX try). The story follows a pair of police detectives in a world where superheroes and villains exist. Covering the crimes of these “Powers” falls to Christian Walker and Deena Pilgrim - and Walker has a past with many of those powered people - he used to be a hero himself.

The series is ordered for 10 episodes off the bat, and will be produced by Bendis, Oeming, Michael Dinner, and executive produced by Huston, Remi Aubuchon (who will co-showrun), and Circle of Confusion (David Engel, David Alpert, and Lawrence Mattis).

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