First Look: June's BETTY & VERONICA #272 - The Girls Leave Riverdale

Betty & Veronica #27
Credit: Archie Comics
Credit: Archie Comics

Archie Comics says in June 2014 Betty & Veronica - best friends and Archie's long-time romantic rivals - are leaving Riverdale, and they say it isn't a dream or hoax.

"A few years ago when I wrote 'Archie Marries,' we shook up the Archie universe and ushered in a new era of story-telling and characterization in the Archie line of comics while giving the world a look at what Archie's life as an adult would become if he married Veronica... or Betty," said writer Michael Uslan of the storyline.

"But now, 'Farewell Betty and Veronica' is not a stroll up Memory Lane. It's not a dream, hoax or imaginary story, as the saying goes. It's real. They are leaving Riverdale. There's no turning back. The dating dynamics, the friendships, Riverdale High, Pop Tate's, won't be the same. New characters are on the horizon.

"But what happened to Betty and Veronica? Where did they go? Why? What are the traumatic repercussions and the exciting new beginnings?

"The mystery will be revealed. All will be brought to light. Don't miss Betty & Veronica #272 and join Riverdale and fans around the world in bidding good-bye to two beloved girls, Betty & Veronica!"

Here's an exclusive Newsarama first look at the solicitation copy and cover images for the June issue.

Credit: Archie Comics

Goodbye … Betty & Veronica?! The time has come for Riverdale to say farewell to two of America’s most beloved teens! How will their friends, family, and especially Archie cope? How will Betty & Veronica handle life when they’re separated from everyone and everything they’ve ever known? Find out what happens in the groundbreaking and tear-jerking “The Beginning of the End…” part 1!

Script: Michael Uslan
Art: Dan Parent, Bob Smith, Jack Morelli, Glenn Whitmore
Cover: Dan Parent
Vintage Pin Up Variant Cover: Stephanie Buscema
Ship Date: 6/4
On Sale Date: 6/18
32-page, full color comic
$2.99 U.S

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