Disney Announces INCREDIBLES 2, Confirms STAR WARS EPISODE VII Details

Credit: Disney

Disney held an investors meeting today, and while there weren’t a lot of announcements, the ones they did have should make fans happy.

Bob Iger, president of Disney, announced that Pixar is currently working on two new sequels - one surprising and one not as much. Cars 3 will continue the hit franchise that spawned its own Land in Disneyland last year. No creative team was announced for that sequel.

But of more interest to our particular audience, Incredibles 2 is in development, and the director of the first, Brad Bird, is writing the script now. The Incredibles, which debuted in 2004, will also get a re-release in 3D. No timetable was given for either.

Star Wars Episode VII got a couple of small new details, with Iger confirming the movie takes place 30 years after Return of the Jedi. He also confirmed that the movie will feature a “new trio” of characters as stars alongside “very familiar faces,” likely referencing heavily-rumored but as-yet-unconfirmed returns from original series stars Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford. The still only-confirmed character in the film is R2-D2.

While Iger said it was too early to say anything else about the film being released December 18, 2015, he did tease that concept art “really looks amazing,” Marc Graser of Variety reported on twitter. Filming will begin in May, 2014, Iger also confirmed.

The only other property mentioned was the ever-popular November 2013 release Frozen, which passed $1 billion global box office, and is poised to overtake Toy Story 3 as the top-grossing animated film. No Marvel Studios productions were mentioned in the meeting.

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