Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Update Thursday March 20: After taking a day off for solicitations, Marvel is back with a third teaser, this one for May's issue of Deadpool.

Aside from the requisite one-sentence teaser, this picture of "The Wilsons" certainly seems to tell a story. Not much has been revealed about Wade "Deadpool" Wilson's past, but we may see some of it coming up during this event.

The image sure seems to be implying that Deadpool may have been involved in his own parents' death. It would certainly be a major "sin" for him to have committed, and him having that revealed to himself would be a major loss, given recent events in losing other family in his series.

More is sure to come.

Original Sin Teaser 2: Mighty Avengers
Original Sin Teaser 2: Mighty Avengers
Credit: Marvel Comics

Update Tuesday March 18: The second teaser is here, and it shows a cop and a young hero in what is drawn to look like it's an image from a few decades ago.

The same line was included in the email, with the alteration of the title: "This May, the secret is out in the pages of Mighty Avengers."

A press release with updated information on yesterday's teaser shed some light on that, as well. The teaser, as most assumed, was referencing Dr. Strange changing Captain America's memories so that he wouldn't know what the Illuminati has had to do to save their Earth during the colliding, collapsing of the multiverse - namely, destory other worlds. Now, Steve Rogers is going to get those memories back.

“Everything that has been going on in Avengers and New Avengers virtually from the start [of Hickman's run] has been building to this moment,” said Executive Editor Tom Brevoort in the press release. “Now, all the cards are on the table—and the fallout from the Illuminati’s decision to erase Cap’s memories is going to require everybody to choose a side. From this point forward, events will accelerate faster and faster towards a shattering and unexpected climax! But first, the future awaits!”

Credit: Marvel Comics

Original Story March 17: In what's undoubtedly the first in a series of teasers for tie-in series to Marvel's Original Sin event - Marvel says "Original Sin - Everyone Has One."

Including the Avengers, according to the email accompanying the teaser.

"This May, the secret is out in the pages of Avengers," concludes Marvel.

Stay tuned this week for more.

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