TRANSFORMERS Returns to TV with All-New Series in 2015

Credit: The Hub, Hasbro

The Robots in Disguise are back on TV - well, almost. Hub network today announced that a new, as-yet-unnamed Transformers animated series will hit the network in 2015. The series, according to a press release, will star Bumblebee leading a new team of Autobots, set in the same timeline as Transformers Prime, years later. In the IDW comic launched in 2012, Robots in Disguise, Bumblebee has been the leader of not just the Autobots, but Cybertron as a whole.

Will Friedle (who also played Terry McGinnis in Batman Beyond, as well as Deadpool, Lion-O, Blue Beetle, and more) will reprise his role as Bumblebee from that series, with Darren Criss, Constance mimer, and Ted McGinley all also announced as unnamed cast members. The series will use CGI characters on hand-painted environments, and has an action focus. Jeff Kline will executive produce the show, continuing on from Prime.

Currently, the only airing TV show in the Transformers world at all is the toddler-oriented Rescue Bots. Hasbro and The Hub also promise “special events” to be announced later in 2014 to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the franchise.

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