Disney Brings X-Men Animated Series to DVD

X-Men Animated Series Coming to DVD

X-Men Animated Series Volume 1, mock box art

X-fans rejoice!

The legendary Fox animated series, X-Men, is finally coming out on DVD through Walt Disney Home Video. The first two releases, simply entitled Volume 1 and Volume 2, have street dates of April 28. Both collections have suggested retail prices of $23.98. Volume 1 is two disks and times in at 368 minutes. The second is also two disks and times in at 391 minutes.

This is all the information Disney Home Video has released to retailers as of this time.

The series originally aired on Fox Kids from 1992-1997. It was the creation of producer/directors Larry Houston and Frank Squillace. It’s known as the second-longest running series on Fox Kids, with 76 episodes, after Batman: The Animated Series. It is the longest running Marvel-based animated series, just ahead of Spider-Man: The Animated Series, which had 65. With the collapse of Fox Kids, Disney bought out the Saban-owned part of the series, and is now running repeats on Toon Disney (soon to become Disney XD).

The main mutants featured on the series included Cyclops (Norm Spencer), Jean Grey (Catherine Disher), Wolverine (Cal Dodd), Storm (Iona Morris/Allison Sealy-Smith), Rogue (Lenore Zann), Beast (George Buza), Nightcrawler (Paul Haddad), Jubilee (Alyson Court) and, naturally, Dr. Charles Xavier (Cedric Smith). It redid classic X-Men comic book story arcs such as Days of Future Past, the Dark Phoenix Saga and Legacy Virus generally to overall fan satisfaction.

Considered one of the most popular animated TV series of all time (at least for Marvel and many comic book fans), the show has long been unavailable on DVD.

More information will come as it is provided.

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