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May 6, 2016’s Man of Steel sequel is just beginning pre-production, but high-profile, distinguished actors get interviewed on red carpets and asked about highly-anticipated upcoming films all the time and such was the case recently when Jeremy Irons was interviewed by Absolute Radio at the Prince's Trust Celebrate Success Awards 2014 in London.

In a very brief interview, Irons revealed he’s read an earlier version of the script but believes a final version is still being drafted, talks about working opposite Ben Affleck as Batman/Bruce Wayne, and responds to the question of how his Alfred will be different than previous screen Alfreds. Check it out here:

Amell on Green Arrow in Possible Justice League Movie

Arrow star Stephen Amell continues to be very active on Facebook, yesterday answering questions from fans for over an hour on the Official Arrow page. While much of the Q&A was largely “fluff” with comments overtaking questions, like how attractive Amell is and how great he is, there were a couple that can at least raise some eyebrows.

The first was a somewhat common theory/question, as a fan asked, “Will you be playing Green Arrow in the new Justice League movie?” Amell’s answer could be seen as coy, as a sly nod, or could just be the only way he could squeak out an answer at all.

”Do me a favor... When they announce they're actually doing a Justice League movie ask that question again,” Amell said.

As to how long he sees Arrow going, a fan asked if he sees it going for “at least 8 seasons.” Amell seemed to shoot down that idea, saying, “I’ll be 40. I certainly hope not.”

Now nothing here should be taken as gospel, and Amell is simply expressing his own thoughts while answering over 100 questions in written text on a social media platform - but it does get fans’ minds going.

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