A Deadpool Catchup With Daniel Way

A Deadpool Catchup With Daniel Way

Deadpool #7

“The insane, on occasion, are not without their charms.”—Kurt Vonnegut

And Deadpool is a charming guy, right? At least Daniel Way likes to think so. Way has been helming Deadpool’s monthly series since its launch in 2008—and it seems that Marvel’s ‘Merc with a Mouth’ has been laughing it up in a hail of blood and bullet-casings ever since. It’s a match made in heaven.

Enter Norman Osborn and the Thunderbolts. As a result of the end of Secret Invasion and the “Dark Reign” it begat, Osborn is large and in charge; commanding more respect than ever before…and he’s crazier than a March hare to boot. He’s easily one of the deadliest men on the planet and now he’s in control of one of the scariest “black bag” squads the Marvel Universe has ever seen. Even crazies like Deadpool would think twice about taking on a guy like Osborn at the height of power, right? In Deadpool’s case—thinking may be out of the question.

Newsarama contacted Daniel Way to discuss teaming with Thunderbolt’s writer Andy Diggle for the upcoming ‘Magnum Opus’ storyline.

Newsarama: First off, how did this project take shape between you and Andy Diggle? He wanted Deadpool for the Thunderbolts, didn't he?

Daniel Way: Did he? That would’ve been fun…but Deadpool’s not really a “team player”, you know?

I think I did the initial outline then Andy revised it, adding a lot more team dynamic-type stuff. That’s when the story really started to take shape. I don’t have much experience with team books so I have a lot of respect for everything Andy brought to the table.

NRAMA: What has Deadpool gotten himself into? Is he going after Osborn directly in 'Magnum Opus'?

DW: What Deadpool wants is to get paid, pure and simple. And he’s going to be a massive thorn in Osborn’s side until that happens. Or, until Norman succeeds in shutting him up. As Deadpool fans know, that isn’t something that’s…possible.

NRAMA: In light of the new 'Dark Reign' status quo in the Marvel Universe, where does Deadpool fit in in the grand scheme of things? Is he on any particular side?

DW: Deadpool plays for Team Deadpool. Going back to your earlier question; if it had been Osborn that had hired Deadpool, instead of Nick Fury, things would be much different right now.

Deadpool #8

NRAMA: What's your take on Norman Osborn? You control one of the more slapstick-crazy characters in Deadpool...and Norman—well, he's a different kind of crazy...thoughts?

DW: Osborn is all about control. Deadpool is all about chaos. Mix together, shake well and out comes comic book gold.

NRAMA: What are your thoughts on the new Thunderbolts roster?

DW: Love ‘em—particularly Black Widow.

NRAMA: Is Deadpool in serious trouble going up against these guys?

DW: Yes; that’s why he’s cooked up such an elaborate plan to take them down. Whether or not it actually works, you’ll have to wait to find out…

NRAMA: Deadpool's series so far has had a lot of ups and downs for the 'Merc' with Mouth'—is there a method to your madness here?

DW: Madness is the method.

Tagline aside; yes, Deadpool is at his best when he’s up against the wall, and that’s where I intend to keep him. He’ll have his victories but, in almost every case, those victories will be coupled with an equal amount of loss. Deadpool with his act together isn’t the Deadpool that I want to write—or, I think, the Deadpool his fans want to read.

NRAMA: Besides the return of Bob, Agent of Hydra--are there going to be any more returning faces in Deadpool?

DW: There are plans, but they’re for later on. Right now, it’s not a good thing to be near Deadpool, what with (arguably) the most powerful man in the Marvel U out to kill him and all…

NRAMA: Can you allude to what's down the road for Deadpool past 'Magnum Opus' in 2009?

Deadpool #9

DW: One word: Bullseye. Which, by the way, my spell-checker says should be two words.

NRAMA: What other projects are you working on currently—besides Wolverine: Origins and Deadpool? Anything new and cool you can't tell readers about yet?

DW: There’ll be some announcements made at the New York show next month.

NRAMA: What are some books you're currently enjoying from your contemporaries?

DW: The only comic I’ve read lately is Marjorie Liu’s NYX book, which I think is fantastic. I usually only pick up books at conventions, so…ask me again in a few months.

NRAMA: That said, convention season is looming—which events are you attending this year?

DW: New York, Seattle, Charlotte and San Diego for sure. The folks at A Comic Shop in Orlando are bringing me down for a signing when the first Deadpool trade comes out in…March, I think? Those cats are great—you should see some of the promo stuff they do. Actually, here—see for yourself at http://www.secretinvasion.com.

"Magnum Opus" kicks off with part one in Deadpool #8, due in stores on March 4th

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