Does Game Tie-in Promo Video SPOIL Major AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Plot Line?

Amazing Spider-Man 2
Credit: Sony Pictures

In what must be one of the most unusual and unlikely ways to spoil a movie’s plot line ever, a video for a game that is a cereal tie-in for Amazing Spider-Man 2 may have revealed a major character’s death in the film.

Consider SPOILERS ON from here on out!

In the Kellogg’s promotional video for their “ASM2 Web-Slinging Game,” they reveal that Harry Osborn comes back into Peter Parker’s life after a momentous occasion: the death of his father, Norman. Norman, of course, was the one commissioning genetic research that led to the creation of the Lizard in the first film, as it was implied he was very ill, terminal even.

Stan Lee himself, narrator of the video, says “a multi-billion dollar corporation founded by Norman Osborn, recently inherited by his only son, Harry.” Right after, the plot development is made even more explicit, with a voiceover from a local newscaster announcing, “Norman Osborn has died.”

This would all serve to explain why Harry, and not Norman, is the Green Goblin that is shown in the rest of promotional materials for the film. Of course, Norman has died more than once in the comics the series is based off, so this could all still be a bit of a red herring, even if it’s accurate.

Judge for yourself here:

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