Marvel One-Word Teaser for June 2014: 'SPARK'

Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Over at InsideTheMagic, Marvel and parent company Disney have put out a brand-new one-word teaser: "Spark."

The teaser is identified as being the next in the Disney Kingdoms line of comics, which currently has Seekers of the Weird in progress (which, incidentally ends in May), and has a June 2014 start date. Jim Zub is the writer, and Filipe Andrade is the artist.

So, given that it's Disney Kingdoms, and it's a big purple "Spark," Disney fans don't have to think too hard to know the subject of this next story; they just have to use their imagination.

Figment, the "mascot" of Epcot at Walt Disney World, is a purple and pink dragon who takes fans on a "Journey into Imagination." The ride explores how imagination can fill in the blanks left out by your regular senses, and includes an all-too-catchy theme song that makes this one all but assured:

"One little spark, of inspiration
Is at the heart, of all creation.
Right at the start, of everything that's new.
One little spark, lights up for you.

Credit: Disney

Two tiny wings, eyes big and yellow.
Horn of a steer, but a lovable fellow.
From head to tail, he's royal purple pigment.
And there, Viola!, you've got a Figment!

We all have sparks, imaginations.
That's how our minds, create creations.
For they can make, our wildest dreams come true.
Those magic sparks, in me and you.

Imagination, imagination.
A dream, can be a dream come true.
With just that spark, in me and you."

What will Figment's journey be like with Marvel Comics? We expect to hear more soon.

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