Marvel ORIGINAL SIN In-store Promo Item: Clever ... or Creepy?

Marvel in-store ORIGINAL SIN promotion
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Someone in the Marvel Universe (who the publisher wants you to believe is a major superhero) is going to murder Uatu the Watcher to steal his all-seeing, all-secret-knowing eye in the upcoming 8-issue event series Original Sin . But the murderer must be pretty sloppy because apparently the eye will be showing up in participating comic book shops all around North America soon.

Marvel has provided Newsarama an exclusive quick first look at the 'bouncy balls' they've dressed up as the Watcher's stolen, detached eye, which will be sent to comic book retailers as an in-store promotional item in support of the May-debuting limited series.

So you be the judge - clever-cool or creepy?

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