Breathtaking 3 Minute ARROW Trailer Says 'Not All Villains are Equal'

Deathstroke on Arrow!
Credit: The CW

Awesome. Breathtaking. Incredible. That's what this trailer for Arrow's remaining Season 2 episodes can be described as. In the run-up to the Season finale, over the course of just the next few weeks, we'll see a showdown with Deathstroke (that will be played up in a big way tomorrow night), the birth of the Suicide Squad, and the return of Huntress.

This incredible trailer, shared by Stephen Amell on his very active (and personally run) Facebook fan page, shows off all three of those upcoming storylines, cut as a feature film trailer. It's safe to say, if you haven't been watching Arrow and you're any kind of DC Comics fan, this trailer will make you want to tune in, at least for the next month or so. Check it out below.

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