Mecha-Superman, Moon Knight and Macs: Comic Book MMO Updates

Infinite Crisis screenshot
Credit: Turbine / WBIE

If comic book MMOs are your Valentine, February was a great month for you as two great games have big news for their fans including a major step forward towards a wide release and a 'cult' hero making his debut.

Infinite Crisis

Read the big news about the upcoming Open Beta and tie-in comic here!

To celebrate this news, the MOBA Infinite Crisis is introducing three new champions into its cross-dimensional superhero slugfest. The first is the Emerald Archer: the Green Arrow of the Prime Universe. Now, Oliver Queen wouldn't be himself if he didn't have access to his trademark trick arrows. In Infinite Crisis, they are tied to his three skill powers and provide not only the trick effect but a passive buff as well. Superfoam arrows provide a rush attack and a movement buff along with a slowing effect to the target. Ballistic arrows do bonus damage and penetrate enemies. Thermite arrows deliver a delayed explosive effect not only what they hit, but also after the target is killed, delivering splash damage. Green Arrow's unique ultimate attack, available at match start, is a chargeable arrow that penetrates and delivers the special attack of whatever skill he used last.

The Prime Universe Aquaman contributes his character’s long rehabilitation with a melee focused build in Infinite Crisis. While a passive heals and buffs his strength with every attack, the bulk of his his skills are centered around his powerful trident including a target-marking throwing attack, a close range sweep attack that delivers knockdown and a penetrating rushing attack. His ultimate, Might of Atlantis, is a powerful leaping attack that, like Green Arrow's, synergies with what ever skill he used last, delivering a related, boosted effect.

Taking the moniker “Man of Steel” to it's literal extreme, the Mecha Universe Superman is the combination of Kryptonian technology and a Kansas farming robot into a massive robotic superhero. A slow-moving bruiser type, Mecha Superman's passive buffs allies when environmental objects are destroyed. He comes with a drill punch with an extended range, a 'sunstone' bomb that chains its splash damage with any environmental object in it's radius. The big blue bot can also summon a wall of stone to block off an area temporarily, one that comes with a pair of environmental objects that can be used in conjunction with his other skills. Finally his ultimate, Terraformer, buffs him and triggers an earthquake around him and travels with him temporally.

Marvel Heroes

Infinite Crisis isn't going to have all the Beta fun this month, Marvel Heroes has announced that their Closed Beta for the Mac platform is available to sign-up (check it out here) for a Spring 2014 launch.

In game, the Fist of Khonshu made his debut this month. The perhaps mentally unbalanced mercenary turned nocturnal vigilante Marc Spector aka Moon Knight comes with the standard three skill trees that divide his skills between Melee attacks, gadgets and the quasi-supernatural blessing that he receives from his patron god, the Ancient Egyptian god of the moon: Khonshu. His melee focused 'Lunar Legionnaire' tree is where you'll find his hand-to-hand and staff attacks, 'Crescent Crusader' is for his ranged attacks including his trademark crescent shaped weapons. Finally, 'Khonshu's Blessing' holds a varsity of buffs including a unique “tribute system” and a pair of buffs that are an either/or possibility. You can also bring down the Moon-copter to deliver some serious hurt to the enemy with his ultimate attack.

The version 2.3 update to Marvel Heroes this past month brought with it a new gameplay mode. The S.H.I.E.L.D. Holo-Sim will pit a solo or a pair of heroes against a random assortment of foes and challenges (including a new boss, a rampaging Hulk) for a series of rewards. Other updates include complete redesigns of skills for the starter-class heroes Daredevil and Human Torch. They also get new costumes, the Noir outfit for the Man Without Fear and a skin that will make Johnny Storm look like The Original Human Torch, complete with heavy inked 'heat lines.' In a tribute to the time that Loki spent in Sif's body, Marvel Heroes has released an 'enhanced' female costume for Loki that comes complete with a new voice and interactions. Finally, Throg: the Frog of Thunder is now available for purchase as a pet, and if you start playing now, it will be in time for the game's Mardi Gras celebration where select costumes are on sale and special in-game drops have a distinct Fat Tuesday feel.

DC Universe Online

Update #34 to DC Universe Online introduces a system to allow players to earn the same Feat for multiple characters through replay (with some limitations) including new Feats added to the War of the Light Part 1 DLC. The is also a new 5v5 PvP map set on the Moon, new Sacred/Wicked weapon types, the Fury and Guardian pets received an update and a Green Aura is available from lockboxes and from drops..

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