UPDATE: BATMAN: ARKHAM KNIGHT Getting Announced in DC All Access Tuesday?

Credit: WBIE via Kotaku

Update 5:20pm EST: Well, that was fast. After our story ran, BleedingCool followed-up with a name to the mystery game: Batman: Arkham Knight. The news and rumor site gave the name definitively, and has been right several times in the past about what's coming on the following day's DC: All Access show.

Batman: Arkham Knight was one of the domain names registered last year, according to GameInformer's list, alongside Arkham Origins. A quick check of the domain on WhoIs.com shows that it was registered by the same agency as the past titles in the series, and that they updated the domain on December 10, 2013.

More on Arkham Knight is expected tomorrow when the new episode goes live.

Original Story: Last week, Kotaku ran a story that Gamestops across the country have been receiving new Batman banners, with a request to not put them up until this week. My local Gamestop confirmed they had the banner, too, with no specific game name attached to the shipping records.

DC Entertainment is teasing that this week's DC: All Access, their proprietary youtube show for announcements and interviews, is going to be all-games, with a focus on the upcoming Infinite Crisis as well as a "special announcement." While DC Comics and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have never officially announced a new game in the Batman: Arkham series, we do know one is coming. Voice actor Kevin Conroy let as much slip last year, when he said he was recording Batman VO for another game, while he was not voicing Origins, 2013's installment in the franchise. In January 2013, GameInformer also found a large list of domain names registered by WBIE, implying a long possible future for the series.

It makes sense, then, that the game would be announced tomorrow. But will it be another prequel? A sequel? By WB Montreal? By Rocksteady? And what will it be called? That we don't know, but Batman: Arkham fans should probably pay attention to that video tomorrow morning.

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