'Recurring Role' of NORA ALLEN Cast for THE FLASH - But Isn't She Dead?

Michelle Harrison has been cast as Nora Allen on The Flash, continuing the rapid expansion of the cast of The CW's spin-off of the wildly successful DC Comics series Arrow. The role is listed as a guest-starring/recurring role.

But wait, isn't Nora Allen dead?

We know she is from Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) himself during his early appearances in this universe on season two of Arrow. "That's why I look into cases like this. The one's that no one believes are possible. Maybe if I can make sense of one, I might be able to find out who killed my mother and free my father," he told Felicity on the series.

In the comics, Nora Allen died when Barry was just a small child, meaning there's not much room there for flashbacks - perhaps her death in the show will be much more recent. The series has also previously cast an "Eddie Thawne" played by Rick Cosnett - Thawnes have, at different points in DC Comics history, been Barry's long-lost twin brother (who became Cobalt Blue), the future villain Reverse Flash (involved in the aforementioned death), and more. We're likely to have a mixture of various continuities here, with some significant changes.

Harrison is also relatively young, at 39, certainly younger than you'd think would be cast as a 23-year old's mother. We'll see once The Flash pilot is filmed and (hopefully) picked up by The CW.

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