All 8 ORIGINAL SIN 'Suspect' Variants

"Suspect" Variant for Original Sin

Updated 3/1: And two more...

Updated 2/25: Newsarama has the exclusive reveal of two more new Original Sin 'suspect' teaser images/variant cover images.

Original story: Remember during the glorious 90s when the Iron Man/The Avengers crossover event "The Crossing" revealed Tony Stark had been the pawn of Kang for years and he killed a couple of minor Avengers and Avengers hanger-ons, and was replaced at the end of the story by Teen Tony?

You don't? Well, that story was retconned into irrelevance a couple of times but the point is, once upon a time, a major Marvel superhero was revealed to be a murderer. Now Marvel wants you to suspect another major superhero murdered Uatu the Watcher, to possess his all-seeing, all-secret-knowing eye.

Last week they began to reveal Original Sin 'suspect' teaser images, which will serve as variant covers for the event series. Marvel says "everyone is a suspect' but we do really believe it could be Captain America?

Courtesy CBR and, here are the four 'suspect' variants released so far.

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