STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS Season 6 Trailer Will Give You Chills

Yoda in Clone Wars Season 6
Credit: Lucasfilm Animation

So, who else is taking March 7, 2014 off work to binge-watch Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 6? That day thirteen brand-new episodes, the last of the series, will debut on Netflix, along with the first five seasons in their entirety, which will include Director's Cut editions of several episodes.

To keep you going until then, check out this trailer, which debuted on IGN. There's Yoda going to Dagobah and ... eh, we'll let you see the other crazy planet in the trailer. There are epic lightsaber battles and space battles. There is a crazed clone ready to 66 some Jedi.

Now excuse me, I'll be watching this on repeat for another 11 days.

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