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Update 3: And last but not least, it's Chris Pratt as Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord. Not much new here outside of a couple comments from the actor, but it does complete the set.

Update 2: Gamora played by Zoe Saldana, as predicted, was the next spotlight video released - perhaps bigger to some fans is that in the clip, she's fighting Nebula, played by Karen Gillan. The two are both Thanos's adopted daughters in the comics, who end up on opposite sides of battle when Gamora decides she's had enough of Thanos's obsession with Death. Check out her clip here.

Update 1: And now, meet Drax. Following the theme of the Rocket and Groot clips below, Marvel has continued to roll out the welcoming mat for its newest superhero team. Drax the Destroyer, played by WWE wrestler Dave Bautista, is next for his own video, and we fully expect Gamora and Peter "Star-Lord" Quill will not be far behind. Check out Drax right here:

Bradley Cooper Recording Rocket voiceover
Bradley Cooper Recording Rocket voiceover
Credit: Marvel Studios

Original Story: If you are a fan of Guardians of the Galaxy, this has been a good week. Between the trailer, the official reveal of the plot and the various stills that came up, there has been a lot of tantilizing new clues as to what you can expect when the movie finally premieres on August 1. Thursday saw the reveal of two featurettes spotlighting two members of the team, Rocket Raccoon and Groot, as well as an interesting podcast interview by director James Gunn which clarified who will – and who won't – be appearing in Guardians of the Galaxy or any Marvel movie anytime soon.

In a podcast with G4 alum Kevin Pereira, Gunn revealed among other things one major villain from the Guardians past that won't be in the film and will likely never cross paths with the team on-screen.

"Marvel only partially owns Skrulls, and also for the record, we don't own the Badoon either," Gunn said on the Pointless podcast. "So people were asking why we have the Sakaaran in the film, we don't own the Badoon."

The Badoon that Gunn mentions are a reptilian alien race that is one of the major empires in Marvel's comic book universe. During the Annihilation event series of 2006, the Badoon were projected to be in control of over 1/3rd of the Milky Way Galaxy. The first Guardians of the Galaxy team, based in the 31st century, united to fight the Badoon who in their time were invading Earth and its associated colonies. Recently, the Badoon have bene featured prominently in the Guardians of the Galaxy comic series and fought with the team in the first issue.

Pereira attempted to get Gunn to reveal which of the Infinity Stones is "the orb" mentioned in the plot synopsis, but the director balked.

When asked about the lack of lines for Rocket Raccoon in the first trailer, Gunn stated that this first trailer was intended to introduce Star Lord and that fans "will be hearing Rocket speak in something very, very soon."

"Very soon" is now, as the Rocket featurette Marvel released on YouTube debuts the first spoken lines of Bradley Cooper as Rocket, showing a split-screen shot of the actor in the voice booth and the scene which it is for. It's only one line, but hey – maybe raccoons aren't verbose.

Back in the podcast, Gunn wasn't done talking about Rocket Raccoon. The director revealed that previously mystery role his brother Sean Gunn played in the film was that of being the motion-capture actor for Rocket. Gunn said that during the filming Bradley Cooper hadn't yet signed on to voice the character, leaving an open canvas for his brother with the role.

"My brother Sean Gunn wore a little green suit and he waddled around and he acted out Rocket," Gunn revealed. "I think all of the guys will attest to the fact, and they have in all their interviews, that he was a great part of the team, and it really was Zoe, Dave, Chris, and Sean who sort of like created the energy that people will see in the movie between these four characters, who are usually at odds and sometimes find common ground. Sean was a big part of that energy and creating that, not only was a he doing a great job performing himself, but also gave the other actors something to work off of so they're not working with a tennis ball."

Marvel has also released a "Meet the Guardians of the Galaxy Featurette" for Rocket's partner, Groot. While it does not show Vin Diesel delivering the soon-to-be-iconic line of "I Am Groot," despite that being shown at Disney's Consumer Products event on Monday, it does give a little more insight to the character. At least he says "Groot," so you can imagine the rest.

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