Super Zombies: 6 Things You Need to Know

Super Zombies: 6 Things You Need to Know

Super Zombies #2, cover by Neves

We first spoke with Marc Guggenheim and Vince Gonzales about Dynamite’s Super Zombies last November, learning from the two about how they got on the project, and just who the “Super Zombies” were – or at least as much as they were willing to say.

Since then, we’ve spoken with artist Mel Rubi about creating a bevy of new characters, as well as Dynamite’s Nick Barrucci and Joe Rybandt about launching a new franchise in today’s marketplace.

Just to hit the crucial points one more time, we hit up Guggenheim and Gonzales one last time for the six things you need to know about Super Zombies.

What's the world of Super Zombies like before the outbreak?

Marc Guggenheim & Vince Gonzales: It's basically our real world if people suddenly developed super powers. Think about how our society of cynical 24-hour cable yakkers, entertainment/gossip shows masquerading as news, and reality freak shows would react. That's the pre-plague world of "Super Zombies."

How bad is the outbreak, and what does being "infected" make people do?

MG & VG: The Reviver Plague is a world-wide crisis. In fact, there seems to be no rhyme or reason to it - no real progression. It just seems to break out all over the globe simultaneously. (You'll have to read to find out why that is.)

As for the normal victims, the plague turns them into mindless, flesh-craving "Revivers." Those with super powers who become infected keep their mental faculties, but still have the same hunger for flesh.

Who is Neuron?

MG & VG: Before the Reviver Plague, he was a billionaire scientist/industrialist/Nobel winner - like the guys who created the world of personal computers, sequenced their own genome, and/or are planning private space ventures. He goes through "The Emergence" as well and gains greater mental abilities. Some call him "the World's Smartest Man."

In the post-plague world, he is the leader of the Super Zombies who are searching for a cure that will end the Reviver Plague. Because he's disgusted by what he's become, he's also looking for "nutritious alternatives" (for Super Zombies) to human flesh.

Super Zombies #2, cover by Mel Rubi

How does the super-powered being community fare after the outbreak? Are they united, or are villains still villains, and heroes still heroes?

MG & VG: At first the heroes and villains unite as the Reviver Plague strikes. But when powered individuals begin to be infected, it all falls apart. Now former enemies work together for good while other former heroes and villains have been bound together by their hunger for flesh.

Who are the heroes who want the leave the infected to their own devices?

MG & VG: The alliance of powered individuals (heroes and villains) who don't care about the infected or about finding a cure are those we call "The Meat Farmers." They're now at the top of a gruesome new food chain. The plague has given them power and all they really care about is ensuring a steady supply of food (ie. un-infected humans). That means they do actually protect some communities from the reviver hordes... in exchange for "tribute." The rest of the world can go to hell.

Is this just one miniseries, or is there more? If so, how far could this continue?

MG & VG: This five-issue miniseries has a self-contained story with a beginning, middle, and end. We won't leave people hanging at the end. Having said that, we created an entire world - only to destroy it. We do have plans to explore that world some more if readers are interested. The same goes for the huge cast of characters we came up with. Some just make brief appearances in the miniseries, but we think they still have great stories to tell. Hopefully, the readers will think so too.

Super Zombies #1 is due in March from Dynamite

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