Exclusive: Hasbro Confirms HERA, SABINE Figures for STAR WARS REBELS

From the Left: Sabine, Chopper, Ezra, Kanan, Hera, Zeb, & Inquisitor in the back
Credit: Lucas Siegel

When Hasbro showed off the start of their Star Wars Rebels line at a NY Toy Fair event last Saturday, people noted many things. We got our first glimpse of Sabine, the female Mandalorian warrior on boxart (she was properly revealed Wednesday morning), met a new villain in Agent Kallus, and saw the figures of Kallus, plus multiples of Zeb, Kanan, The Inquisitor, and Enzo.

And that left people wondering - where are the figures of Sabine and Hera, the two female members of the crew?

We reached out directly to Hasbro and expressed the concern of fans. Luckily, they understand. The toy company's representative confirmed exclusively to Newsarama that "Hasbro will release 3.75-inch figures of both Sabine and Hera, and the figures will be revealed at SDCC."

So there you have it, Sabine and Hera are coming, and we'll see them at Comic-Con: International San Diego in July, a few months before Star Wars Rebels even hits the air.

Now we just have to work on Hasbro for a Sabine Mandalorian Mask and a set of Lekku Head-tails for Hera enthusiasts.

Stay tuned to Newsarama for more on Star Wars Rebels this week.

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