Meet Sabine, STAR WARS REBELS' Female Mandalorian with an Artistic Streak

Sabine, the Mandalorian of Star Wars Rebels
Credit: Lucasfilm Animation

The internet flared up like a pylon on the Death Star over the weekend when a mysterious female Mandalorian from Star Wars Rebels was revealed on the box of a "Star Wars: Command" toy from Hasbro. Questions like "is she a Rebel?" "just who is she?" and "why is her armor so colorful?" dominated Newsarama, Star Wars fan blogs, and twitter.

Now, Sabine, the "feisty," "spunky" Mandalorian who will be joining the early Rebellion on Lucasfilm's new animated series in Fall 2014, has been revealed. In her character vignette that debuted at THR (and can be found below), Sabine shows off her attitude, as well as her surprising artistic side.

Voiced by Tiya Sircar, a relative voice acting newcomer with live-action credits on the big and little screen (Witches of East End, The Internship, The Vampire Diaries, Phineas & Ferb), her weapons and explosives knowledge from being a Mandalorian merges with her artistic flare, and she likes to make things go boom with style, Sircar says.

"I love her, I want to be her! She's not a prissy little girl, and I love that. I'm prissier in real life than she is! So I get to explore this sassy, strong character. She's an inspiration," Sircar said in the video.

Dave Filoni knows that "fans will be excited" just because she's a Mandalorian, but he and the crew emphasize her artistic side as well - she'll be acting as a graffiti artist who leaves the Rebels' mark behind.

"The Imperials will always know when the Rebels have attacked because Sabine likes to tag the site. She'll use her blaster and blast the Phoenix onto the wall."

As for that colorful armor? It's meant to reflect her artistic expression - along with her hair… and the way she makes things explode.

Check out Sabine's debut in the video below! Alongside Kanan, Ezra & Chopper, and Zeb, that sure seems to just leave Hera, the Twi'lek pilot of the crew, plus the villains Inquisitor and Agent Kallus to round out the whole cast in feature videos.

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