FIRST LOOK: Savage Dragon #137, 4th Printing

FIRST LOOK: Savage Dragon #137 - 4th

Savage Dragon #137, 4th Printing

Last week, we noted how both IDW's Presidential Material: Barack Obama and Marvel's Amazing Spider-Man #583 had gone into fourth printings to meet demand.

Savage Dragon #137, which in a way started all this "Obama in comics" shenanigans, was only on its third printing.

No more.

Image Comics has provided Newsarama with the first look at the fourth - and final - printing of Erik Larsen's Savage Dragon #137, featuring the Dragon endorsing Obama on the cover.

The issue will be in stores February 25th, to coincide with the release of Savage Dragon #145 - the relaunch of the series featuring Dragon's return to the Chicago police force and - yep - the second Obama cover and very first appearance in the pages of the comic..

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