New GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY Images, Info Released on Eve of Trailer

Credit: Marvel Studios

The wait is finally over - for the release date of the Guardians of the Galaxy first trailer, anyway. The trailer will debut Tuesday night, February 18, 2014 on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show on ABC. Chris Pratt will introduce the trailer.

That's the news from USA Today Monday evening, alongside three new still shots from the film. Alongside the release date, new comments from those involved were released.

Credit: Marvel Studios

The team first assembles in the space prison Kyln seen recently in a Thanos comic book miniseries. From there, they'll go to Knowhere, the severed Celestial head that served as their base in the Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning written era of the Guardians comic.

The name of Peter Quill's ship, the Milano, was confirmed this morning during the Disney Consumer Products presentation, as well as by Hasbro and LEGO in their NY Toy Fair 2014 product lists, and now makes its screen debut in a new shot. While Ronan and Nebula's looks weren't revealed in these new images, the two were confirmed as the primary villains for the film, as they seek to find Peter Quill and a mysterious Orb he's stolen (perhaps another of the Infinity Stones, as revealed at the end of Thor: The Dark World?).

Credit: Marvel Studios

Director James Gunn promises the movie is going to have plenty of action, but will also be about "these characters, their emotions, and their relationships." There's plenty of comedy as well, especially from Pratt's Star-Lord.

Pratt, meanwhile promises a "comic-book movie that no one's seen before," saying that the movie will take new turns.

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